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Hey guys, I hope we all had a great day, here is an article I wrote on google local guides connect. I pray it inspires someone to start contributing to Google Maps. Also, don't forget to leave a comment here after reading it. Thanks and have a pleasant evening.

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Hi everyone, I'm Wadinga Leonard (wadleo), a software developer in silicon mountain, and I love giving back to my society. That's why I find the Google Local guides program as a significant way for me to contribute to our community #siliconmountain. So I encourage everyone who has already join the group to do a short intro here, and also invite others to join and introduce themselves. 

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woah what a great day to share our part of the earth with the rest of the world
We're celebrating this #EarthDay with +Google Earth 's Amazing Urban Gardens List, featuring #LocalGuides top picks →

Hello guys,
I just noticed Buea, our tech community doesn't have a local guides community. This community purpose is to promote our contributions to places in #SiliconMountain (as we call it), and other places like Limbe, Muea in the South West Region on Google Maps. Contributing to maps is not only by adding places on the map, but also promoting the culture of giving reviews to places we visit and letting others see our world. So feel free to post pics of places you visit while also adding them to google maps and if you notice an important landmark missing don't forget to add it, as well as updating the information of places already on the map. Also, don't forget to have fun doing this while sharing the fun with us. Thanks.
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