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What have you guys done to secure your networks since our class?

We are currently working on the local admin password changes and I have implemented some Group Policy settings to lock things down a bit...

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Implementing PowerShell 5.0 - - things to note, you need to deploy Windows Windows Management Framework 4 and .NET 4.5 before you deploy PS5, according to MS at least, but some anecdotal evidence states otherwise.

The good news is you can deploy PowerShell v5 through WSUS. The bad news is you can't deploy v4 through WSUS (at least not natively).

Here's the info on deploying v5 through WSUS:

* Preferably from your WSUS server, ensure that IE is your default browser (it needs to install an ActiveX control).

* Open up the WSUS console, right click your server name, or a branch underneath, and click 'import updates.'

* A browser window will pop up, allowing you to perform a search. Perform a search for KB3134759 (Windows 8.1, Server 2012 R2) | KB3134758 (Windows 8) | KB3134760 (WIndows 7), that's the update for WMF 5.0.

Now you should be able to approve that particular update for your WSUS groups.

I'm looking into deploying v4 using WSUS Package Publisher (freebie add-on that plugs into WSUS - you can use it to deploy whatever you want, but it's a little tricky).
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