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-May mascot: Profitamole (soil)
-I'm getting back into Viva Piñata again :). I'm also trying to get back into roleplaying again. I'm thinking of giving this community a makeover. It's a bit of a mess right now. Let me know if you have any ideas.
-Sorry about the event mishap :(. Let's try again in March. I think this one was too rushed, and we kinda forgot about it.
-There's an event coming up! Please comment what times the week of midwinter break that you are available.
-February mascot: Arctic Bunnycomb (snow)

Is anyone active?

RP Name: Sour Season.

Hardly anyone took Sour Mallowolf season seriously like Pierro had said. that was a mistake howl in the air one night there was a huge party for Piper Candary.

The sorrow of Lonesome Fever.

Pierro was off duty. And doing his best to feel happy dispite Cecil's move to the dessert desert.

ATTENTION. This a direct question. Who's out of school for summer and plays TIP?

Prince Eddie Lizard
Eddie dropped his things on the floor, trying to decide what to do next. He finally settled for trying to get the fireplace to work.
(Does anyone want to play his servant/friend Will? +Jonathan Getz+ChicaFaithRose+Anastasia Von Schroeder+Aurora Northwind​)

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Notice me someone ;^;

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Episode 7

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:') This took me back to my childhood. It made me smile. +Jonathan Getz +ChicaFaithRose 
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