i need to organize my channels subscriptions by categories

Multiple Feature Request:
Notes after 4 aren't specifically for Live Streaming.

1. Live chat playback simulation after video streamed
     For content creators to manage videos and for subscribers to understand what is being discussed.
2. Dual mic / Audio Sources
     Would be good to have a toggle for "Live Commentary" and "Game-play" audio. Especially if they can be managed separately by viewers.
3. Audio-only/ Video-only Toggle
     Bandwidth and power saving for mobile/podcast viewers. i.e. when a video has game play that is irrelevant to content discussed.
4. FPS Toggle independent of resolution
     As above but also for convenience.
5. "Lights out" Toggle / Full-site Theme toggle.
     Power saving, Night-mode viewing for better eyesight and better colours.
6. More settings icons spread out (Toggled under user settings)
     Convenience. Doesn't obstruct screen on larger players.
7. Timeline Zoom on longer videos
     Significantly easier to fast forwards / rewind on 30+ minute videos.
8. Youtube Search in Chrome Bar / Auto-hide Youtube Searchbar
     Hides the website header on desktops (just search bar and logo). Convenience / less-scroll. Looks better in theater-mode.
9. Icons for video Type
     Convenience - Sorts videos by Tutorials, Vlogs, Trailers/Promos...

I think that some of these might effect the clean / white-space principle which makes YouTube look nice but might still be viable.

how can i watch live streaming of dinagyang fisteval 2016?????

It would be great to be able to have the livestream archive sent to a secondary Youtube account instead of the one it is streamed live on. I have more subscribers on the main and I'd prefer to stream there, but at the same time only upload relevant clips for them and have archives sent to a "bulk" channel.

Here's a mockup of the idea for the livestream page even.

Just a simple little thing, but immensely helpful.

Feature Request : 
There are Audio books on youtube  for long hours, I believe it is good to have a text along with the authors voice and the Account holder should be able to book mark where he actually stopped the streaming .

Would be great to add a small icon near watch later to Add2Playlist icon too

I'd love to be able to trim a live streamed video.  I often check cameras and make sure things are working right.  Would be great to be able to delete first xx minutes.  My videos are often 8 hours long.  So the editor doesn't work.

Feature Request:

Can we link interactive cards to an app download in the Android store?

Feature Requests 

Add  option to download ( watch offline ) to mobile  on desktop web page(youtube.com) . Which should start the download on my android mobile ( or mobile having youtube app )

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Feature Request

Add LIVE STREAMING to the YouTube Capture app for mobile devices... (because I prefer not to use Periscope)

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