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Check out my live stream! I'm playing splatoon 2!

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LiveU Solo Premium Bundle: Everything You Need to Live Stream in boadcast quality to YouTube Live, FaceBook Live and any CDN 

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curious to what everyone thinks of the Stream Deck and if it will be any benefit to those who stream to multiple sites

I just got Strike I was streaming a soccer game in my channel but they drop down my video and I got a strike, I see there is a lot of channel that stream soccer games and staff like that and they don`t get strike so what should I do??? 

I run a channel that uploads music to youtube, most of it is copyrighted but it is allowed to be displayed as it will display ads from the copyright holders also my copyrighted videos cannot be monetised. I am thinking of starting a live stream, streaming tracks that I have already uploaded from my channel that do have that copyright on them, will this be ok and i will not get a takedown notice or get blocked if i stick to what is on my channel already that is ok?

Thanks :)

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We are live!

I embed youtube stream on my website and would like to make it autoplay by default.

how to do it?

&autoplay=1 kinda solves this but it loads video for so long...

demo on

Hey guys i wanted to play some ncs music on my channel while i live stream, however i don't see the policy for the songs within the music library . How do i figure out or know if i can use their music or not ? 

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Tonight's Live Stream Begins NOW
Once again, using Zoom to XSplit to YouTube Live. I'm planning to use Audio Levels to switch again but will test for the "Missing Participant" issue in Tech Check... Zoom's been very cooperative in at least discussing the issue.

I'll post here with updates after the event, as usual. Please feel free to share your thoughts here, vs. in comments, as we're watching for related questions on YouTube and I don't want technical points to muddy the waters there.

Wish me luck!
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