1. go for a long walk to the park
2. sit in nature for a few hours
3. listen to music while reading a relaxing book
4. (this works if your easily angered) punch a wall
5.  if u cant calm yourself, your worried, your scared.... Look out your window and count to 10. then take a notebook and write some random words, describing your mood
6. sit in the park and let your mind wander

Hey, at 1st: Thank you for inviting me! It's a very meaningfull communityin my opinion!
And 2nd: I've got a question:
See, i want to help my mother, because she has problems with her health. But she DON'T want me to help her. She says always: "It's alright, dear" And i think, she just don't trust me. How can i show her, that she can trust me?
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