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Here's the latest IMA(InfiniteMetaverseAlliance) project, getting a list of performers along with their G+ name so that the OpenSim Region Owners & EVENT planners will know who is available to perform at one of their EVENTS and how to contact them in G+. Looks pretty simple eh? It aint cuz I KNOOOOOOOWW that GOOgoyle is like the plague to Fakebookers and vice versa, so maybe, just maybe a Fakebooker will take this list over there and do the same, only with their Fakebook "friends". :) :) :) (G+ has circles and contacts)
Also, let it be known that even alot of G+'ers only look at their G+ every now and then. And that there are alot more entertainers in Opensim than you see in this list cuz some grids haven't a clue how to promote from inside their grid and they rely on their residents to use the grid website for EVENTS, it's TRUE! They really don't, but don't expect them to let that be known, cuz their "grid owners". :) :) :) Now these are entertainers that are booked for future EVENTS, looking for entertainers from past EVENTS would be kinda peddling backwards since some just come over to OpenSim to test the waters so to speak. So, DO YOU know of any OpenSim G+ performers and their G+ names ? Be a pal and comment them here so we can get them pinned or catagorized somewhere like ..... Opensim AAM Virtual Performers .....
. Thanks. :)

OpenSim G+ Available EVENT Performers
UPDATED April 7th, 20018


DJ Darrow
Dj Gage Dreams
DJ Gertie Bumptious 2
Dj Johnny Dreams
DJ Masweet Bass
DJ Mick
DJ Phannie SHACK
Dj Rique
Dj Rosa Alekseev
Dj Samantha
DJ Shayna Wulluf Amusement Park
Dj Starry
Dj Tek Bachman
DJTommy Seetan Bay
DJ Wes
Dj Zephner


DJ CHRIS Welcome
DJ Mike Desire
Effinjay Island
+James Olmos
+Joao Frazao
MadMax Huet Arts Center
+Merkabah OH
MrMikie String Bay
+Oshi Shikigami
+Rhia Bachman
Rosy O Grady
Singer Girl Island
The Fabulous Wailers village
+Torben Asp

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Wednesday's Highlights in Virtual Highway for Nov. 21st

DJ LoneWolf at The Back Door
Wed. Nov. 21 - 5:00 to 7:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Backdoor Spirits, Wandering Star (76,180,2)

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Tuesday's Highlights in Virtual Highway for Nov. 20th

Party Games at Eclectica with music by DJ Tendrik
Tues. Nov. 20 - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Eclectica, Entertainment Central (129,129,29)

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Littlefield Grid will have it's annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration starting at 3am Pacific Time at the WLFG radio station in Littlefield Mall. We have several events throughout the day including a continual run of holiday music on WLFG and "Alice's Restaraunt" on WLFG every hour on the hour ending with a Thanksgiving Day dance at Speakeasy at 8pm Pacific!!

Come join the fun!!


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:) New outfits for men : long fine detailed shirts in many colors (layer), unrigged mesh collars, black formal pants with painted belt & buckle (layer), casual or festive occasions, hope u like =)

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:) New fine knitted dress, high collar, many mesh sizes & all free demo's, included black boots (unrigged mesh), and makeup for classic head =)

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Sunday's Highlights in Virtual Highway for Nov. 18th

Poink Tournament at The Knuckle Saloon
Sun. Nov. 18 - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Knuckle Saloon, Route 66 (60,526,22)

DJ Logger at Easyriders Saloon
Sun. Nov. 18 - 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm VHT
VH Sim: Easyriders Saloon, Route 66 (66,437,33)
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Stop by and join us for our Saturday Night Dance Party!!

Saturday 8pm Pacific Time!!


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