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Personality:  easily irritated, can be quite dangerous if disturbed when sleeping/eating.
Good Habits: Tactical, can tank some stuff (lots of stuff).
Bad Habits: Gets too worried about others (doesn't show it).
Strange Habits: Seems to like fire... a lot...
Strengths: Her hope that she'll see her brother again, determination.
Weaknesses: If a guild member is in danger she'll sacrifice anything to get them back and people take advantage of this.
Likes/loves: Vanilla ice-cream, fire(maybe... quite possibly... very likely...)
Dislikes/loathes: Water, chocolate.
Hobbies: Sketching, practicing martial arts, burning things
Dreams: To be reunited with her brother.
Back story/history: As a child(6 yrs) her parents were murdered for betraying their guild, a dark guild known as Grimoire Heart. Her older brother took her and they ran and ran until one day they came across a man walking through the woods. He was crying and he told them to stay back. Satsuki walked forwards and hugged him. He then asked how she wasn't bread dead and she just smiled at him. He then smiled back and took them to a cave, where there were shelves of books upon books upon books. He told them his name was Zeref, and to read through the books and with that he dissappeared. Once reading five of the thousands of books around seven weeks after Zeref left both had already gained a lot of power. After, Zeref returned and taught them both.Then, eleven years later her brother left to find and defeat Grimoire Heart. She joined the guild Fairy Tail. Destructive much?

Magic and Combat  Information
Classification (caster or holder): Caster
Caster abilities (air space, ice-make etc): Requip, darkness, blood
Caster descriptions (eg ice-make hammer hovers above opponent then drops with great force): Idk wat to put .___.
Holder abilities (keys, swords, guns, cards, pictures etc): no
Holder descriptions (eg. gate of the lion summons a leo lion): pff stuff leo.
Dragon Slayer (what element): nope, she be 1009ed867t8yhrfj2m wjghx times more swag than dem dragon slayers. Jk, she's not really.
Dragon's name: pfft nah
Special techniques (any special/combined techniques, eg summoning two gate keys eg. aries/virgo or fire dragon's claw into fire dragon's elbow):  Requips into 'Shadow God Armour' and then follows by making a sword of shadows (Idk im stupid.)(.___.)
Strengths in battle: Strong, tanker.
Weaknesses in battle: Usually doesn't think before acting.

(Sadly, no exceed, but I'mma change it into the spirit.)
Spirit Information
Name: Neeko
Personality: Playful, kind, friendly
Good Habits: Kind, helpful.
Bad Habits: Loud.
Strange Habits: Is a neko, so likes to be petted. snicker
Strengths: Can distract enemies?
Weaknesses: Too kind and often lets them kidnap her or whatever.
Likes/loves: Chocolate! (I'm in love wit da coco, coco~)
Dislikes/loathes: Lemmmmmmmoo00o0ons. (I love lemons, guuurl u got problems.)
Hobbies: Playing ping pong(?)
Appearance: Brown-gingery hair, cat ears and tail in the same colour, tanned. Usually wears a black skirt with a grey and white T-shirt and grey cardigan? Pff I'm no good at fashun (U go guuurl)

Um ok so you can be a canon character or an OC but if an OC just check with me first so yeah.
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