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I need somebody who can develop these for me. It comes in 2 parts.

Part 1
1) Wrap into a nicer "equation editor" with toolbars and all to assist writing.
2) The editor need to be implemented as a popup browser window.
3) Can export the Latex expression at a click of a button.
4) We can pass a Latex expression into the editor through the URL (or other methods) and user can edit it using the editor.

Part 2
1) A web service that can receive a Latex expression and return an image rendering of the equation/formula in GIF or PNG.
2) Need to be implemented in ASP.NET (using ASHX) and in C#.
3) The font size, image size, image quality, DPI should be configurable.
4) Should be able to cache the image (for performance).

Further requirements might be given later.

If you can do this, please send email to with how much money you want and how much time you need. Thanks.

I am looking for an ASP.NET freelancer/contractor that can work full time in a project with duration of about 5 months (Feb-Jun 2016).

Required skills: ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, Entity Framework, Git.
Experience working with Telerik Kendo UI atau single-page apps would be an advantage.

Please contact me at .

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JetBrains akan keluarkan IDE yang cross-platform untuk C#.
#jetbrains #ide #intellij #csharp

I've been on the fence recently about this PSR-7 thingy. Been learning a lot about changes and updates around PHP-FIG especially on PSR-7, to be adopted to my rosengate/exedra.

The general idea about PSR-7 mainly circulate around interoperability of middleware between frameworks, hence the standard HTTP message interfaces proposed. I've seen the recent and common middleware api (example on slim 3, which uses psr7 http message int.), it seems that they're now to accept the immutable psr/http/request, response and callback as the arguments. This seems to work for non domain related logics, since we don't see anything other than the original request object (and response) here, however since most of our codebases are domain related (what exactly is not domain related anyway), i am not sure... for example how is that authentication/authorization is to be placed on request level, without having the logic coded against the business problem.

even laravel's is route based middleware.. i like the idea of generic and usable middleware, which you can use agnostically on many other frameworks, but i am right now not having a good feeling about this..

not sure, how other modern language handle this..

check it out btw, ;) i am about to implement psr7, but any words here are to be appreciated. :) there're lot of things changed since my last post here...

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My 15 min thoughts on

Twas done in a hurry, be gentle.

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