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A small step with a big dream....
In this small village in Guinea, local women come together to:

Share Ideas
Learn to lead
Make economic decisions
Strengthen community bonds.

With the help of UN Women’s Fund for Gender Equality that provides financial and technical support to civil society organizations, 120 programmes in 80 countries, have touched the lives of more than 10 million people.

Making a direct impact where it matters the most:

Find more about the fund here:

📷: UN Women/Joe Saade

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This is an "must see" post...
Not a migrant child
Not a refugee child

Millions of children are on the move across international borders – fleeing violence and conflict, disaster or poverty, in pursuit of a better life.Hundreds of thousands of children move on their own.

Serious gaps in the laws, policies and services meant to protect children on the move leave refugee and migrant children bereft of protection and care.

If you believe a child is a child no matter what, share this to stand with refugee and migrant children.

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