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So the Gallery just reached 500 000 downloads and moved to a higher bracket. All apps together are really close to having a million downloads, which is super exciting. Thanks a lot for all your feedback and support! In case you dont have the gallery yet, you can get it at

I just wanna thank you for the flashlight app that doesnt require my location like the rest. Thanks. Great job. I will buy your simple thank you app very soon. 

With every new update this app is better and better! Congrats :)
Only one thing still frustates me, i cant pinch to zoom right after moving to next picture, i need to wait half of a second or second, if image is bigger, Huawei p9 and Android 7.0. Not a big problem, but its kinda annoying :D Best regards.

Where Is the new show hidden button 

The apps just had their first birthday, what a ride! It started with 6 simple apps, now we are getting close to 900k installs. Thank you and stay tuned, there's many cool things coming this year :) 

Hey thanks for a great app.
Starting from recent updates, deleted images are still shown as empty placeholders. Checking the properties of those images crashes the app. I could delete the entire folder for e.g. Screenshots but then taking a new screenshot will bring back all the deleted images as blank placeholders. I don't understand what's going on. It didn't happen in BUILDs before. I'll post a screenshot soon.

Pin/pattern lock for showing hidden folders and deleting photos feature please.

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Always Show apps images Why 

New update for Galley is awesome, it works great now, and it's faster now when you try to zoom when browsing through images, there is no big delay like in previous versions. One thing still bugs me, when you zoom at high levels you can see gradients in colors, perhaps you need to tweak libs for better image quality if I am right?

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A much praised feature from QuickPic could land on Simple Gallery, remember last used folder and position. Thanks. 
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