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Name Evening Ivy
Age 24
Gender Female
Type (I'm thinking alicorn but I need to think of alicorn backstory first. So for now-) Earth Pony
Personality Emotional, witty, ambitious, devoted, gentle, mature, focused, and imaginative.
Flaws Over protective, skeptical, sarcastic, trust issues, and naive.
Bio Was born into a large family, and was very cruel then. She was angry at how other people treated her family. So if people came along she would often be rude, she was scared if they would treat her the same as everyone else did. But one day a nice filly about her age came over to play with Evening. Ivy was rude to her, her rudest yet, then she made the filly cry. Not cry like she made the others cry. Showers coming out of her eyes. Instead of little animals noises, she was choking. The filly's mother came in before Evening realized what she had done. The filly's mother asked what happened. "I- scraped my knee". Ivy realized she had a cut on her knee.All Ivy could say was too words, "I'mmmmm- sorry-". Then Ivy went deep in thought while her mother spoke to the filly's mother. She remembered that her father had a heart attack a year ago of stress. She realized she was stress. She thought it the wrong way. She ran away. She never came back, she forgot where she came from. She though remembered who she was, not her last name though. That's when she met an stallion and mare called, Snowflace, and Floral Flour. They took her in teaching her kindness. Also they homeschooled her. Soon she grew into a mature and kind 10 year old, finally going to public school. Thats when she saw an Ivy plant on the ground. It seemed to be wilting. She quickly tried to revive it. But it didn't work. She had to go inside, then when she was about to leave with her "Parents" but she saw the Ivy plant, dead on the ground, she picked it up and brought it home. When she brought it home she replanted it in her "Mothers" garden. She watered it, but it wasn't water, it was actually fertilizing dirt mixed with water and compost. She had made it for her science project and her parents had been using it. She cared for the Ivy with love and care, then one year later the Ivy came to life (literally Evening thought it was alive the whole time). That's when she got her cutie mark, when she was 11.


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I know this is not wut the community says but this was my entry for +kittywolf's contest so yea

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My oc
Name: destiny berry (middle name and nickname)
Mane/tail color: cyan and blue
Sex: mare
Race: unicorn/alicorn
Age: 18
Bio: I'm Luna's daughter but never really knew her after I turned 10. I meet twilight and yada yada friendship and rainbows and things. IM ELEGANT AS FUCK

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