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Can we create the following layout using Linear Layout?
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Calculate the Density-independent resolution of the following device:

Nexus 7

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Imagine an application that allows neighbors to host gatherings in their homes for watching sports events. Some neighbors don't have subscriptions for certain matches while others do. The guests can be the ones who bring the food. Guests has to join through the app before they come and they should be in the neighborhood. Some events have maximum number of possible guests. Some events don't allow bringing food.

This is a a list view showing the current sports gatherings available to a user. Think of the following:

1- Is there anything you don't like about this view?
2- How would you improve it?
3- Try to think of the layout and components that you would use from the android components and design patterns.

(draw a sketch of a wireframe with specific components)

Look at the sample layout in the slides. Which hierarchy of views can be used to achieve it. You can choose more than one or choose all.

Write your choices in the comments.

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Thinking of a spiral model in the design process, match the following terms to the numbers on the spiral and write your comment under

Design Sketches, In-class user testing, computer prototype, heuristic evaluation(by an expert), Task Analysis, high-fidelity implementation, paper prototype, user testing

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The following are basic activities in the interaction design process. Order them and write your order in the comments.

Use the underlined letters to refer to an activity.
You are allowed to used one activity more than once in your order.

University of Glasgow wants to build an application to help the students enhance their fitness during their studies. A UX researcher is interviewing you and asking about the following:

Tell me about yourself

Tell me about your daily activities

Tell me about your fitness

Try to give the answer in bullet points (short and concise)

1- Run your Lists project either on the emulator or the device.
2- Open Android device Monitor, then Hierarchy View
3- On the left side, click on the activity from the application and view its tree
4- Do the above for both list 1 and list 2
5- Record in the comments, the number of leaf nodes you have for list one and list two

Download this code, and do the following:

1- Unzip the file
2- Open Project from the Unzipped folder using Android studio
3- Run the project with your phone connected
4- Click on Android Monitor-> Monitor
5- Record the memory usage
6- Click on "List one"
7- Record the difference in memory usage after you clicked on "List One"
8- Click on the Garbage Collector (on top of the monitor)
9- Click on "List two"
10- Record the difference in memory usage after this you clicked on "List two"
11- Please post the difference in memory usage you encountered as a comment on this post.

1- Download the Lists-cycle code (link in the comment)
2- Trace the toast messages as you navigate through both lists
3- Record what happens on landscape/portrait
4- Can you change the behavior to stop the activity from reinitializing everything on change of orientation?
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