Hello Ladies!

I am a professional meetings and events planner. If you are in need of my services, I would love to be a resource. I specialize in events in the sectors of corporate to small businesses. I enjoy helping others bring their vision to life through innovative events!

Feel free to contact me at www.abstractelementsma.com or at the office at 404.402.6211.

Chivonne Hyppolite
Event Execution Expert

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I do not have a business yet. Right now I'm working on a campaign through social media outlets to promote urban Business Minded Women =BMW. I have joined many communities to learn and share to other women alike. I am on a mission to help many less unfortunate women who have dreams and goals to start a business but do not have the knowledge that many of us BMW have. I would like for you to spread the word and be a supporter of my campaign. Thank you! God bless.
Thank you for joining +Chastain Smith! Let us know about your business!
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