This place is dead......

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Name taskona

Age 15

Crush none

Theme song canterella

Prized possession none

Bio her mother died from a horrible sickness
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Im going to change my profile name

If anyone knows this YouTuber ChaoticCanineCulture I watched his live stream and I got a shoutout

Anyone want to rp

Miku: is in my dorm

Manoka can you send me a request again town roleplay cause it won't work for me

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Name: underfell sans

Nickname: red ,edgy .

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Skills: I can teleport and make some magic!

Weakness:my brother

Likes: chocolate, mustard .

Dislikes: my brother

Personality:I am very shy when my brother is around but I am happy to see my friends

Theme Songs: megaloviana and bringing me back to life.

Bio: my brother and I used to be closer until one day he changed now he hits me alot and force me to do alot of things! But I really want to save him

royalty status: I am mostly kind and evil

prized possession:i am so lucky that I got friends and a brother

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Uf sans: is sleeping on his bed

SHORT ANNOUNCEMENT: When I am approving a RP profile my approval message is this: Approved. Wait for full approval. So if the owner says Approved like this: approved means you're fully approved. Thank you for reading this.
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