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Welcome to our community here we will rp the famous game Dark Souls (as the title of the community says).
I will only let people who are in Rosaria’s Fingers and The Mound Makers are allowed to invade, and only people who are in the Sunlight Covenant can be summoned.
I will also let up to 5 other people be firekeepers (excluding the cannon one).
Profile Template







Rings: None


Catalyst (staffs/talismans):

Items you use in combat:  

Number of Esutus Flask: (Max between this and ashen is 5)

Number of Ashen Estus: (Max between this and estus is 5)


Hair color:

Eye color:

Skin complexion:


Starting class:


How you got your equipment:


Level: (Max 25)









If you have any questions about the template or need help tag me or another mod.

Also we will advance through areas as a community so we will fight a boss all together a max of 3 phantoms and only one person can summon them but we can have how ever many regular fighters. About every 3 months we will have someone fight as the boss and the rest will fight and Me and the other mods will test to see who can do the boss best. Also people will be able to be blacksmiths and merchants but send me the list of stuff you want to sell and I will approve or disapprove it. Once I approve it share it to the profile and put at the top “My store”. I will also allow people to make there own weapons and armor as long as it fits in the medieval category. I will also allow people to be NPCS such as the andre and I will allow someone to be Solaire. Each person will take a test to be a character if someone has a character you can challenge them to try and take there spot.
List of Npcs and the people who are using them

Blacksmith Andre-

Fire Keeper-

Greirat Of The Undead Settlement-


Ludleth Of Clourland-

Emma, High Priestess Of Lothric Castle-

Shrine HandMaiden-

Siris Of The Sunless Realms-


Solaire of Astora-

Please note as we progress we will open more npcs that will be able to be played.

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This community is dead

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Just wanted to share my community here. Come join and see if you role players like it

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Name: Plague knight
Homeland: Lothric
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Covenant: Angelic Faith
Armor: Winged knight set
Weapons: Winged knight halberd, winged knight twin axes
Miracles: Soothing sunlight, Bountiful sunlight, caressing tears, Wrath of gods, Divine pillars of light, blessed weapon.
Backstory: Was once a knight of Lothric however when daughter Gertrude was visited by an Angel and founded the angelic faith me and a handful of others followed her. The Angelic faith was declared heresy and imprisoned daughter Gertrude. Thus started the war upon us and the Lothric knights.
We tend to help anyone except for Lothric knights and users of sorcery (lore reasons)
L.V. 316
Vigor: 45

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Name: kirbone silverstone

Homeland: lothric (unattended graves)

Gender: male

Species: human

Age: unkown

Apparent age: 37

Covenant: none

Estus: 12/15 drinks and +10

Rings: cloranthy ring, estus ring, ring of steel protection, blue tear stone ring.

Armor: Alva armor set (no helmet)

Weapons: greatsword, ceastus, green grass shield, cross bow, torch, dragon crest shield

Back story: deprived in the beginning but built his way up and found a reason to not turn hollow. The art of war

Likes: knights in general, always having firebombs, challenging enemies, cookies,

Love interest: oooh a woman

Dislikes: furries, people that play as their opposite sex and do it with passion in a perverted or wierd way.

Level: 304
Vigor: 59
Attunement: 10
Endurance: 40
Vitality: 59
Strength: 99
Dexterity: 59
Intelligence: 10
Faith: 10
Luck 47

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Hi, anyone still alive?

Profile Template

Title: a knight
Name: Aelia of catarina

Covenant: watchdogs of farron

Personality: want to be alone but very close to her friend

Likes: //

Dislikes: //

Armor: armor set of the fugitive knight

Rings: wolf's ring

Weapon(s): Old Wolf curved sword + Old Wolf great shield

Catalyst (staffs/talismans): basic catalyst

Items you use in combat: dragon stone

Number of Esutus Flask: 4

Number of Ashen Estus: 1

Spell(s)/Miracle(s): Soul arrows

Hair color: red

Eye color: light red

Skin complexion: white


Starting class: knight

Bio: a knight of catarina who wanted to live adventures but patheticly died and became Undead , she restart her "life" After this and After finding 3 dragon stones , she became an watch dogs of farron

How you got your equipment: she created her armor and got her weapon by being a watchdogs of farron and buy her catalyst and the Soul arrows spell to à trader


Level: 17

Vigor: 15

Attunment: 10

Endurance: 13

Vittality: 14

Strength: 15

Dexterity: 12

Intelligence: 10

Faith: 10


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Okay, so you guys like Dark Souls and Role Play? Well, in this community, we do that to. With nuanced combat, character customization, and a crossover from Demon's Souls and 3 very Dark Souls game, this place is for you.

This is set up like a classic RPG, so there will be Stamina Management abd stuff. Come check it out.
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