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Hi Everyone,

New Members Will Not Be Accepted at this Time
If you would like to follow us to our new home (once it has been chosen), please either contact me via private share or follow our Pinterest board here

By now everyone has heard the news on Google+ shutting down. I was waiting to make an announcement until there was no doubt and I feel that time has come.

We will not be migrating to FB and are searching for another platform. If you haven't added your site info to our member shop links category, please do...this way we can contact you once a decision has been made.

The official shutdown date is August of 2019. I will have to manually store many of our posts but we will lose quite a bit of info and that is devastating, as you can imagine.

I've loved every minute spent here. Our collaborations on research and sarcastic, fun commentary are second to none. Over the past 10 years, I've moderated and created groups and communities but this was truly a labor of love. To be honest, I've spent more time doing this than I've spent on my shop/s and maybe it's time to change that mindset. I love the histories associated with our pieces and will continue to share info via my blog. I know that many of us will do the same and so it's important that we continue to support each other via our various sites and platforms.

Please continue to add your reference posts and I will add them to our Pinterest Reference board, directly from your site. Hopefully Pinterest won't be going anywhere anytime soon:).

+Mullard Antiques and Collectibles, +Saras Corner and I will be actively searching for another platform but with the holiday shopping period upon us, it will take awhile to get that all in place.

Thank you to everyone for all of the amazing research, the laughs and the times that we shared each other's trials and tribulations.

As I always like to quote, "and when the wind changed, she adjusted her sails"

With the utmost appreciation and sincerity,


Here's a quick article with what you need to know about the shutdown. I will also continue to post updates in the community.

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Not a vintage thing but for those still looking for unique gifts, Digital Trends has some great ideas. I love the cutting board, etched with a family recipe!

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I am in love with this bracelet, but unfortunately my wrists were not made for antique bracelets. Turn of the Century Bernhard Hertz Australian Opal Serpentine Design Bangle. Photos and words really don't do it justice.

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Sharing this set of ornaments that +Pam WhimsicalVintage shared yet the photo didn't come up. Funny story behind these... I bought the set in the spring of the current year, smitten by the different hand painted patterns and colors on each glass orb. I tucked them away with a variety of other pieces that I wanted to list in time for the holidays. Well, thank goodness yesterday I remembered to open a drawer by my desk. Lo and behold, there was the box with the six beautiful glass ornaments from Austria. I had a similar experience today. My daughter helped me get a few other items ready for listing. We cut open a large taped-up manger that I had bought earlier in the year, taking a gamble as I had seen a glimpse of Mexican pottery figurines inside. About half of the figurines tucked inside were Made in China (I'll donate those to a thrift shop) and the other group was a 13-piece complete Nativity scene in blue glaze Tonala Mexican pottery. How exciting! So... 'tis the season for uncovering wonderful finds that you've had tucked away and almost forgot to pull out and list!

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Here is a photo of the antique silver bowl +Pam WhimsicalVintage so kindly posted under "Wonderful Gift and Home Decor Ideas this Holiday "

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