Looks up and notices cute girl. Smirks. Thinks to self "Now there are some daddy issues if I've ever seen 'em"

I made a kik support group for anyone sexually abused and you need support. Search, #LostInnocence and join.
Males and females of all ages welcome.

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Name: Raven
Age: 24
Height: roughly 5'7"
Weight: 130 ish
Hair: mid-back length, deep lavender. Depends on the lighting really. Usually wears it up. The style varies from day to day.
Eyes: almond shaped light to dark purple.
Personality: stubborn bold headstrong. She feels that girls should defend themselves and not lean on men. She doesn't mind men but she believes that women should take care of themselves instead or relying on others (especially men) secretly shes sweet and wants a guy to sweep her off of her feet but she's not holding her breath. She is very good at hand-to-hand combat and usually ends up in multiple fights a week. She also has a love of explosives from fireworks to bombs...fireworks just happen to be her favorite. Colorful lights make her the happiest.

Clothes: depends really. Usually it's something she can move easily in like shorts and a short sleeved white shirt. Other times it's a pair of purple sweat pants and a loose shirt. She really doesn't care.
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Sits at stool glancing around as she sips her drink

is drinking his troubles away

Thanks for joining, Now this group is for people who like to Role Play in bars... I know the name is off putting. So please bows have fun...


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