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Google’s Analytics Academy GTM course is back and provides an opportunity for certification. This is an introductory course.

Is it possible to have Adobe Launch get data from the Google Enhanced Ecommerce Datalaer. Or if not to have GTM to send data to adobe analytics either directly or via Adobe Launch.
I have a client that is thinking of also implementing Adobe Analytics and dreads to having the developers but in an additional datalayer only for Adobe

Uploading extra product data to Google Analytics. Can it handle extra data that shifts every day - like prices, badges etc.? It says that it can take up to 24 hour to process the data - but can it still manage that prices at a certain time should only match the products for a certain time?

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Hey guys, can you please help me on this problem? When i try to publish my latest container, i face with this. The problem is occurring because of my variable. I share with you the error and also my variable. Still i cannot solve the problem.
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Hi there,

We used to have our e-commerce working on the site in tag manager using the data layer but since we have changed the ordering process this no longer pulls into analytics.

When testing it appears the data layer is working but the quantity is showing as 0 and says it doesn't not have an event property (see attached)

It would be great to get someones help to sort this out...

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I am so horny kik me - zarareston21

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I am trying to track PDF downloads on my site. I have installed GTM and created the tags and triggers. I believe my setup is accurate, but the trigger is not firing. I can confirm this when I use preview. Here is what my trigger and tag setup looks like and what I'm seeing in preview.

I am also running GA through GTM and confirmed that GA is firing and I am collecting page view data. Just not sure why the trigger isn't firing to collect clicks to PDF resources.
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I am new to GTM, but I’ve added GTM to our site and added some new tags into the container.
I am testing these changes using the GTM preview window and I’m see the new tags firing :)

However, when I try to check these using the Realtime Events report in GA... I cant see the events ‘easily’ due to too much noise from live traffic & event data.

My question... Is there a way to set GTM up so that I only see the new GA events I added in realtime, without all the noise?

Thanks inadvance!



Note: I am using a GA profile with internal traffic allowed (i.e no IP filters, so my test GA data is not excluded)

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Tag Manager is tracking all page views. I setup Tag Manager to track "Phone Call Clicks" but it appears to be recording all page views.

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None of my tags are firing (apart from the all pages tag I created upon set up of my GTM and GA accounts).

Is this because I have both the Gtag and GTM tag installed at the same time?
I understand from other resources that I should remove the Gtag from the source code.

But when I try to delete it from my Wordpress site (Appearance > Editor > header.php) I get a message that I can't change the code in this way and I need to use to some other method such as SFTP. (See screenshot attached).

Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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