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Hi guys,

Newb to GTM but learning fast, would appreciate your guidance, please.

Objective: To track clicks on secondary navigation.

Problem: The nav' 'modules' contain different clickable elements that all go to the target. I want to be able to simply track all clicks, whether they are on the text, image or white space.

Tried solution: I have tried creating a customer variable looking down the DOM to find the class name e.g. gtm.element.parentElement.parentElement.classname, but different elements sit at different parent levels, so this means I would have to create multiple variables/triggers/tags, which seems like the long way around.

Is there a way to track clicks on all elements for each nav' 'module' using one variable/trigger/tag? What would the optimal solution be?


Thank you!


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Hi All,

Trigger with variable value?

I was very advanced with GTM but haven't used it for more than a year and not familiar with the latest version. I'm having a little difficulty using a variable within a trigger... going slightly mad actually!

Basically I have a trigger that has a logical expression on it but should compare against a Custom JS variable. However, the variable is not resolving and it is trying to compare it with the text entered rather than the resolved value.

I'm sure I'm just totally missing something here... can you not use a variable within a trigger? is the syntax different to the curly braces?


Hi there,

Belgian needs help!

Since the beginning, I create tags based on data-attribute.

I created two ways to spot the data-attribute value, this is to see if there is any difference (but both works fine):
- dlv : gtm.element.dataset.gtmEvent
- Custom Javascript: return {{Click Element}}.getAttribute('data-gtm-event')

When I submit a form, in the preview mod, I clearly see that the data-attribute is recognised in gtm.Click but not in gtm.FormSubmit.

For some reasons, I must use this variable.

Do you have a clue ?

Thx for all :)

Hello guys,

I need a javascript script that checks if Google Analytics is working or not.

At the moment I've thought about checking if the tracker object exists at window.load:

var x = ga.getAll();
return x.length;

I don't know if this approach is bulletproof and that's why I ask for your help.

Are there any special situations in which at windowLoad, with GA working properly/not blocked, the script above will return falsy?

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Hi Guys,

Objective - Pass client id to lms

GTM setup - 2 property ids on the page (One Global with cross domain and one local)

Scripts used - Simo's get client id from the required tracker and passing it to a cookie called cid

Challenge1 - When I tested it on my own page I am able to see two ga codes but it only show one ga code on the client site. I tested by removing the cross domain link from the global id. Even then it still shows one ga id.

Challeng2- Any idea why the client id is giving false on some pages and a proper id on others & what is the best way to resolve this?
function() {
try {
var trackers = ga.getAll();
var i, len;
for (i = 0, len = trackers.length; i < len; i += 1) {
if (trackers[i].get('trackingId') === {{GA}}) {
return trackers[i].get('clientId');
} catch(e) {}
return 'false';

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Strange! I have a gtm.formsubmit event firing without any form being completed on the page!

Step 1 is click on a phone number (which is a a-href element which takes you to enquiry page with lots of phone numbers).

Step 2 is land on enquiry page and immediately have a gtm.formsubmit event on the page. See below - I cant work it out.

Seems to be Facebook Pixel related, but the same pixel is on the previous page and there is no gtm.formsubmit event for that page...

Ive looked around and I cant find a proper definition of what gtm.formsubmit event is anywhere... namely - when does it fire!!?

Thanks, Scott

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I'm trying to help someone who got a notice from Google that their GA is picking up URLs with email address. They have 3 months to fix the issue or they're in trouble. :)

Would Google find it an acceptable solution if we created a rule in Google Tag Manager that prevented PageViews from ever being recorded for any URLs that contained an email address?

It seems to me that this could be the easiest solution, rather than having devs go down a rabbit hole trying to reconfigure forms/apps, etc.

(On a side note: In the past year, they've had less than 200 total pageviews that have captured any rando emails in the first place , so it seems strange that this would have gotten flagged at all. Sigh. ;)

I appreciate any advice this community can offer, I'm a newbie to this issue. Thanks. 

Like many here we are having issues with Bing support and implementing E-commerce tracking through GTM. They told us one way and they said oh no you need to do it another way and then ah we don't know we don't work with GTM.

Does anyone know how you effectively track e-commerce values in Bing via GTM.?

Hi, Trying to figure it out. How can I get the clientid of the current page I am on and when I clicked an iframe it will pass on the existing clientid?? What do i need to do?

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Hi guys,

How do I go about collecting data upon formsubmission if the values I want to collect are not really in the element nest nor in an array?

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