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Legolas Thranduillion
423 years
Lives with his father in a hideout in Mirkwood
Has a high affinity with trees, can talk to them
Burns on his chest from his first encounter with the evil witch
Eventually falls for the eldest daughter of the evil witch

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Ciryatan "Evie" Bryeton
Eldest daughter of the Evil Queen 
Platinum blonde hair, green eyes, red lips, pale skin
Always wears red, blue, purple and black
Has dark magic but is just developing still- mainly green fire
can turn into a dragon like her mother
falling for Legolas

The Evil queen Took over Mirkwood from Thranduil and Legolas when i was just a girl. She was always nice to me and told me the elves out there would try to harm me so i always carry an obsidan blade. Legolas and Thranduil now lived in a hide out in the middle of the Greenwood. Plotting revenge on The Queen who took away everything. She rules this kingdom with an Iron Claw...cause you know...she can turn into a dragon/ No one has been able t defeat her...only one weapon can....the obsidan blade that i carry with me..........

So if you know who Malificent is from disney then you know who The Evil Queen is. She is also The snow White queen. 
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