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My security & system protection configuration:

I have used this combo for years now, tested and true.  Clam -Win & -the Sentinel  paired w/ Microsoft's Security Essentials + Defender  is a powerful configuration!

These work very well together without eating system resources or controlling anything but their purpose.  Sentinel will display every system file modification in real time, plus has a log.  MS Defender catches things that make it past the Sentinel.  

Using this setup is free, and updates for scan databases are automatic daily.  Set do not scan paths in clamwin and defender to the opposite engine avoiding any conflict.  When installing programs or updates the Sentinel must be stopped or it will grab files it does not like from your install process.  (just click the shield in notifications there find your options plus, the Start & Stop switch for the scanner.

A donation is encouraged for using the open source Clam Engines :)


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