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Age: unknown
Type of animatronic: ventriloquist, puppet
Likes:hiding,being a secret
Dislikes:killers,night guard
Bio:Vinnie is never a threat, as he never appears in any of the in-game nights; instead, he only appears in cutscenes, in which he will do seemingly-random things before appearing in front of the camera, with eyes open wide and glowing white. His presence here seems to signify some link between Candy's and Freddy's.
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Would anyone wanna role-play??

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We are still here

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Name: Cinder the cat
Gender: female
Endoskeleton: cat
Personality: Stuckup, mysterious, likes shadows and kawaii things
Bio: I was going to be a replacement for Cindy but I had some bugs in my system so they discarding me, leaving me to rot in the shadows.

Thx for accepting me Hey could there be a nightguard

Personality: Cool Kinda Crazy but sane
Bio:From the underground
Im da nightguard

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Name:Cindy The Cat.
Gender: female.
Personality:mice,mean a little,bossy some times.
Bio:I'm from FNAC I love kids and my team!(I'm not a oc this is me)
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Name: Puppet/Marionette
Gender: unknown
age: unknown
Bio: loves the music box
Very kind
Can give life
Can hover

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Name whiskers
Gender female
Likes singing drawing
Dislikes BULLIES
Role in band main singer
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