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ey.....shouting in the dark here. with so many new members we get its surprising we're not active by now


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(Updated bio)
✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

Immortal you just wanna see me die





✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color:

✹Eye Color:

✹Skin Tone:

✹Physical Build:

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations:

✹Blood Type (Mortal, Holy, Unholy):
✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠



Has mastered all weaponry. Master of stealth and thieving. Can make clones of self.

✹weaknesses: Gets distracted very easily. Losses his temper quickly


Sadly his mother didn't survive giving birth and years after his father took up drinking and constantly become drunk. Every night his father would burst through his door and abuse him. Many years later he was old enough to fend for himself. One day he had enough of it and when his father burst into his room. Filled with blind rage he grabbed his knife and charged his father. Hours later he calmed down just to realize what he had done. He killed his father. He knew he wouldn't be able to face anyone knowing what he had done so he gathered everything he needed and ran for miles and miles. He stayed away from everybody. Anytime he became friends with someone he either killed them or hurt them severely. Now he keeps himself away from everyone. Alone and quiet
✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

Custom made daggers


(In pic)

✹Items of Interest:
Smoke bombs, daggers

(If you would please tell me what/if its missing anything)

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Hyperspace Warrior Headquaters
???:....Where is Taki Again?!?!?!?
???:In universe #5571 sir.
???:God dang it.If he dies out there,we will lose the privilege of entering the universe and saving it from any evil....
???:Sir,I got a plan that is already in progress.
???:Then say it already.Time is getting wasted and who knows what is happening as of now....
???:Sir,i have decided to send project MALWARE to that universe's Earth,which is where Taki is in with the mission to protect Taki at all cost until he can leave the universe in his space pod....
???:I hope this plan of yours works.Project MALWARE should be completed by now,so everything should be okay....
Little did they know is that Project MALWARE wasn't done completely as the workers were lying about it being done.With its trajectory being Asoider City,the question is,what changes will happen with its arrival....

Arrival in 24 hours


I'm new here and I'm not sure if it's because it's 2:30 in the morning, but this community seems to be dying. I want to save it! But I just joined and have almost no idea what's going on. Could someone explain the entire story to me? Don't leave out one detail, please.

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Name: Vanguard

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Appearance * (Below) *

Touching the Crystal had remolded his armor, shaping it to accomodate and amplify his power, but the process melded his body with his armor along with making his arms translucent blue

Superhuman strength and agility
Near perfect accuracy

Void Powers

Void Lightning
He forms purple lightning in his palms, able to unleash torrents of lightning through them

Void Blades
Void Energy engulfs his arms, forming long blades that can cut through any material

Void Spear
Throws a bolt of pure Void Energy at his target, able to penetrate the toughest armor

The Void gives and takes
He concentrates an extremely massive amount of Void Energy to his hands and releases it, obliterating anything from a mile radius
The resulting void rift will automatically suck him and one other person to the Void Dimension, trapping them there for a whole week

He can only fight for 2 hours without stopping or else his cybernetics will overload, severely injuring him

Using the Void too much will create a small rift to the Dimension where he harnesses his power, sucking him in and trapping him there for a week

Maintenance and Repair of guns
Void Energy Manipulation

Faction/organization: Equilibriums

Faction rank(optional): Colonel

Fighting style(ask or look up for options):

Saber Sparring

He is friendly to everyone (that don't try to kill him)
Jokes around a lot
Will risk his life to save civilians

Vanguard is a former subject of a Super Soldier program that used extensive use of cybernetics instead of enhancing their muscles

The program went horribly wrong, killing the others and making him the only surviving subject, he was put on cryostasis and woke up to find that the lab is destroyed and that the planet has split between factions.

He then decided to join the Equillibriums to help them wipe out the Anthrax 
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Name of Organization:F.A.T.E.("Federal" Action Tatical And Execution Organization)

Preferred Motherbase location:The outskirts of Asoider City

Allied Factions/Organizations:Unspecified

Hostile Factions/Organizations:Unspecified

Base Land size:6 acres

Organization Equity: Ranges from 15,400-21,339

Insignia:None. There is only individual insignias in each member represented by a single colored dot in their right hand.

Leader of Organization:Xander Blackwood

Second In Command:Unspecified

Type of faction: Business


Faction history :Past history unknown due to existance erased by Hazel. Story so far,however, is that Xander and the rest were looking for a permanent place to stay and were checking out Asoider City. Turns out,it was a perfect fit due to past history and recent events. So they stay here for now.....


Motherbase building material:Infused Concrete

Motherbase Weaponry:
·1 Sound Zero(Defensive):A Modified LRAD Sound Cannon which seeks targets (when active) and shoots a an amplified sound wave from the first radio transmission nicknamed "Sound Zero",due to the side affects it caused when heard back then. Now thanks to the amplifications of it,symptoms now include vomiting,extreme confusion,temporary paralysis,and even death. Has to recharge every 5 minutes.

·5 Super aEgis II (Defensive)

Motherbase building plans:See pick below

Depth in ground:0 ft.


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Don't judge me, but I used Rinmaru creator, turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself.
(left is formal wear, right is casual)
What Marimus looks like:
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