Authoring Tools: StepShot is the New Entrant in the Toolkit

In last couple of years, I have noticed a new breed of SaaS based authoring tools including ProProfs (, ScreenStepsLive ( and today I see StepShot (

My experience with ProProfs (when it was helpIQ) or screenshots was not very good and I am not too positive about StepShot either. I think such tools are generally picked by startups who do not have a dedicated/experienced technical writer on board and their product teams can just pull up a TOC and some help topics in a manual or knowledgebase. It does not address the key issues such as findability, authoring workflow, content reuse, or adherence to style guide. Do you think there is a market for such 'quick-fix' kind of authoring? 

PS: The fact that StepShot promises export to DITA and XML makes it bit interesting. Need to see how it responds.
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