Ana Flávia Maciel Fiorini
14 years (I didn't understand the add/subtract part)
Aerokinesis/Hidrokinesis/Biokinesis/etc (I want Aerokinesis the most)

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Just checking up on people, how are you doing?

Also, I'm currently in the process of making a website for Learning Kinesis. Once I'm done I'll post a link. Then you can get more info.

Meanwhile, here's a short quiz I want you to try out. Have fun!!

Tip: When working, don't force your thoughts/intention. Breath, be calm, and let your will flow into whatever you are working on. Energy flows through everything; it doesn't force it's way through. Some energies can be destructive or chaotic, but they still, only flow. Try living your whole life with a flow. I'm not saying go with the crowd, I'm saying that you should live your life without a jagged painful edge to it, causing you stress or grief. The best emotions to work with are the ones that are more positive.

Good luck, and think positive! :)

I am Anthony (Sparks is my sports name)
Age in between 13-19
User of electro-kinesis (enhancement style)
I wish to learn water based or earth based kinesis.

Hey guys! So winter is coming up, so you know what that means - freezing cold weather. (Unless you live in Visalia then it's only kinda cold.) And don't you hate it when you're stuck inside, and it's too hot to wear a jacket, but too cold to take it off? Well here's a fast simple way to stay at a comfortable warmth without having to wear a jacket.
First, you have to know a little science. Atoms are the smallest piece of creation. Everything is made of atoms from the biggest elephant, to a blade of grass. From a boulder, to a pebble. From water to air. Everything.
Also, heat is created by movement.

So after you are done reading this do as follows:
- Be relaxed. When manipulating elements, it takes your energy to make them do what you want. It will be easier for your energy to move if you are in a relaxed state of mind and body.
- Close your eyes.
- Visualize white or clear little balls covering every part of your body, slowly circling you. (These are the atoms/molecules)
- Visualize them moving faster and faster around your body, changing to red because of the heat they are creating.
- Focus on this until you can tell that you are warming up.
- To warm up more, move them faster, and brighten the red. To cool down, slow down the atoms, and change them from red back to white and add a light shade of blue.

This technique can be learned in 30 min - 1 hr. I wish you all luck, and if you have any questions, just ask. If you learn it, let us know. Just post it in the Discussion section with any comments you’d like to add.
Good luck!

This post section is to get to know you guys and keep up with your progress. For your age, add/subract 3-5 years. Your age is improtant so that I know how much your brain has already been programed. If you don't want to share your "about" age, that's fine. It would be appreciated.

Name: Juliana M.
About Age: 17-21
Elements: Electricity, Air, Fire

To make life easier, from now on each kinesis will be called an element. If want to call it what it is, feel free.

Biokinesis -> Bio. or Organisms
Pyrokinesis -> Fire
Photokinesis -> Light

To learn how to control something, you first need to know what that something is made of, and know how it is made. Once you do, it will be easier to visualize the manipulation of the desired something.

- For light you need to know what light particles look like.

- For earth you need to understand that you don't have an unlimited amount of earth at your disposal. You only have enough as what's around you.

- For electricity you need to know what electricity (lightning) looks like, and how it is created. You also need to understand voltage and conductors.

- Fire is made from atoms moving at very fast speeds.

- Water is a free flowing element, which will only change due to your emotions.

- Biokinesis requires you to know who the body works. I recommend taking a biology class.

- Air you would be better of understanding air pressure, trade winds, how tornadoes are formed, atmospheric winds, etc.

- Ice you need to know how its formed, and what happens to the water when the ice is created, and when the ice melts.

So I greatly recommend that all of you go and study what is listed above for whatever element you wish to learn. Learning about these elements will greatly assist you in your manipulation. I can promise that you will get faster results.

Once you have a good idea on what you wish to learn, let either me or a moderator know, and we can get you started on the next step.

Have fun!

Do you know something, after i can manipulate weather around me, and i can use water to heal somebody, i think now i would to lern how to use water for attack, maybe lern water as a weapon or seal, or maybe lern to control water inside human, i think it's usefull to help someone.

Water, so calm but so dangerous, so beautifull but so deadly,


And i think i can try to someone that already hurt me, until i can't feel a love again.

Good bye all
I will miss you, all of you

WARNING: I did some research and found out that enhancement kinesis is a form of alteration kinesis. Which alteration is a forbidden kinesis. So if you are practicing enhancement do be warned, the effects on the body go from cramps to broken bones to facial differences and body changes (rapidly).
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