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No Surrender
No Surrender ,,,
:royalist East Belfast
Twelfth 2017

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Loyalist Portadown

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No Surrender !!!
Boyne Water

July the First in Oldbridge Town there was a grievous battle
Where many a man lay on the ground by the cannons that did rattle;
King James he pitched his tents between the lines for to retire,
But King William threw his bomb-balls in and set them all on fire.

Thereat enraged they vowed revenge upon King William's forces
And often did cry vehemently that they would stop their courses;
A bullet from the Irish came and grazed King William's arm,
They thought His Majesty was slain, yet it did him little harm.

Duke Schomberg then, in friendly care, his King would often caution
To shun the spot where bullets hot retained their rapid motion;
But William said, “He don't deserve the name of Faith's Defender,
Who would not venture life and limb to make a foe surrender.”

When we the Boyne began to cross, the enemy descended,
But few of our brave men were lost, so stoutly we defended;
The Horse it was that first marched over, the Foot soon followed after,
But brave Duke Schomberg was no more by venturing over the water.

When valiant Schomberg he was slain, King William thus accosted
His warlike men for to march on and he would be the foremost;
“Brave boys,” he cried, “be not dismayed for the loss of one commander,
For God shall be our king this day and I'll be general under.”

Then stoutly we the Boyne did cross to give the enemies battle;
Our cannon to our foes' great cost, like thundering claps did rattle;
In majestic mien our Prince rode o'er, his men soon followed after,
With blow and shout put our foe to the rout, the day we crossed the water.

The Protestants of Drogheda have reason to be thankful
That they were not to bondage brought, they being but a handful;
First to the Tholsel they were brought and tried at Millmount after,
But brave King William set them free by venturing over the water.

The cunning French near to Duleek had taken up their quarters,
And fenced themselves on every side still waiting for new orders
But in the dead time of the night they set the fields on fire
And long before the morning light to Dublin did retire.

Then said King William to his men after the French departed
“I'm glad,” said he, “that none of ye seem to be faint-hearted;
So sheath your swords and rest awhile, in time we'll follow after.”
These words he uttered with a smile the day he crossed the water.

Come let us all with heart and voice applaud our faith's defender
Who at the Boyne his valor showed and made his foe surrender
To God above, the praise we'll give both now and ever after,
And bless the glorious memory of King William that crossed the Boyne water.

#BattleOfTheBoyne #WilliamPrinceOfOrange #GloriousRevolution #Ireland #protestant #educasional #BritishHistory #religion #politics #ulster #TheTwelfth #TwelfthOfJuly #KingBilly #england #netherlands #KingJames #parliment #warfare #military #david1966dc #BillOfRights

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The Glorious Revolution......
Battle Of The Boyne 12th July 1690

Behold the crimson banner float
O'er yonder turret hoary;
It tells of days of mighty note
And Derry's deathless story
When her brave sons undaunted stood
Embattled to defend her,
Indignant stemmed oppressions flood
And sung out - "done Surrender!"

Old Derry's walls were firm and strong
Well fenced in every quarter
Each frowning bastion grim along
With culverin and mortar:
But Derry had a surer guard
Than all that art could lend her:
Her 'Prentice hearts the gates who barr'd
And sung out - "No Surrender!"

On came the foe, in bigot ire,
And fierce the assault was given,
By shot and shell, 'mid streams of fire,
Her fated roof was riven;
But baffled was the tyrant's wrath,
And vain his hopes to bend her,
For still, 'mid famine, fire and death,
And sung out - "No Surrender!"

Again when treason madden'd round,
And rebel hordes were swarming,
Were Derry's sons the foremost found,
For King and country Ireland.
And forth they rush'd at honor's call,
From age to boyhood tender,
Again to man their virgin wall,
And sing out - "No Surrender!"

Long may the crimson banner wave,
A meteor streaming airy,
Portentious of the free and brave,
Who guard the walls of Derry;
And Derry's sons alike defy
Pope, traitor or pretender
And peal to Heaven the 'Prentice cry
Their patriot - "No Surrender!"

#BattleOfTheBoyne #WilliamPrinceOfOrange #GloriousRevolution #Ireland #protestant #educasional #BritishHistory #religion #politics #ulster #TheTwelfth #TwelfthOfJuly #KingBilly #england #netherlands #KingJames #parliment #warfare #military #david1966dc #BillOfRights

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Have a top 11th night troops....
Remember The Boyne .... 1690

Well Derry is a pretty spot
Convenient to the sea
Where the tall ships sail against the gale
And anchors at her quay

Our Governor Walker there he stands
He pointing towards the sea
Singing Glory,Glory Apprentice Boys
Our city free shall be

Well i see a ship come from afar
She's heading up lough Foyle
I can see the wind blow at her sails
She's the Dartmouth ship of war

I hear the echo of her guns
She's passing by Culmore
The boom is broke the naked flare
And tyrants reign no more

Well they ask us now of what we boast
Of Roaring Meg and the fight
Sure if the pope of Rome was in her mount
She'll never show him fear

How can our city taken be
How can it be at all
While angels guard our city walls
Our city free shall be

So stand aloft Apprentice Boys
As August yearly comes
And guard our history with pride
Our future and our cause

#BattleOfTheBoyne #WilliamPrinceOfOrange #GloriousRevolution #Ireland #protestant #educasional #BritishHistory #religion #politics #ulster #TheTwelfth #TwelfthOfJuly #KingBilly #england #netherlands #KingJames #parliment #warfare #military #david1966dc #BillOfRights

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None can compare ..
Keep it lit .....

Sandy Row
I have been a wanderer all my life, I'll roam this time no more
But now I'm sailing back again, back to old Ulster's shores
To settle down in Belfast town in a place that you all know
Sure it fills my heart with gladness when I think of Sandy Row.

When I recall my childhood days, a tear comes to my eye
I think of all the brethren on the 12th day of July
For the music of the bands that day, it sets my heart a glow
As we marched along together down the streets of Sandy Row.

Now whenever I have settled down, I never more will roam
Away from dear old Ulster, for it is my home sweet home
I'll get myself a little house, my children there will grow
With all my loyal brethren in the streets of Sandy Row.

And now my song is finished and my head I will lay down
I am proud that I am loyal to the Red Hand and the Crown
The people that will meet me now, for off this ship I go
Will be the people that I love, who live in Sandy Row

#BattleOfTheBoyne #WilliamPrinceOfOrange #GloriousRevolution #Ireland #protestant #educasional #BritishHistory #religion #politics #ulster #TheTwelfth #TwelfthOfJuly #KingBilly #england #netherlands #KingJames #parliment #warfare #military #david1966dc #BillOfRights

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The Glorious Revolution
No Surrender....

Twas on the twelfth day of July in the year of forty-nine.
The pagans of this country together did combine,
To shoot and slay our Orangemen upon that glorious day,
They did encamp in thousands great at a place called Dolly's Brae.

Lord Roden was Grand Master of the Orangemen just then,
No better chieftain could be found among the sons of men:
To humanists he would not yield, nor any Popish foe.
He firmly stood like Joshua on the plains of Jericho.

He sent an invitation to Rathfriland Orange Corps,
To come and spend the day with him at sylvan Tollymore
The Orangemen they did obey their noble chief's command:
So over Dolly's Brae they marched, a loyal, stalwart band.

And when we came to Westbridge, wasn't that a glorious sight
To see so many Orangemen all willing for to fight,
To march all round the old remains, the music so sweet did play,
And the tune we played was "The Protestant Boys" right over Dolly's Brae.

The sun did shine with splendor in a bright and cloudless sky,
Our drums did beat and fifes did play, and Orange flags did fly,
Each loyal son, with sword and gun, was ready for the fray,
Had the rebel hordes attacked us going over Dolly's Brae.

Priest Mooney and Priest Murphy went through the rebel lines,
Distributing the wafer god among the Phillistines;
Priest Mooney cursed the Orangemen with candle, book and bell,
While the rebel crowd did cry aloud, "We'll drive them all to hell."

Then out bespeaks our Orangemen, "Indeed we won't delay,
You have your men all gathered and in a manger lay.
Begone, begone, you Papist dogs, we'll conquer or we'll die
And we'll let you see we're not afraid to cross over Dolly's Brae.

But still the Orangemen marched on thru Castlewellan town,
Brave Jordan being in command, he feared no Popish frown,
He nobly led his brethren on like William, Prince of yore,
Until they reached the entrance gate of sylvan Tollymore.

A splendid arch that gate did span which we all passed thru,
And in the center of the arch these words appeared in view;
"Welcome all to Tollymore, this day we gladly join,
To commemorate and celebrate the victory of the Boyne".

Lord Roden gave a brief address, and then to us did say,
"Beware, my Orange brethren, going home by Dolly's Brae,
Give no offense to any man as you're returning home,
But don't look shy when passing by those pagan troops of Rome".

We loudly cheered for Roden then and for the British Crown;
Slieve Donard sent the echo back o'er Castlewellan town.
The pagans heard our loyal cheers, as they lay on the hill,
Awaiting there, like hungry wolves, our Orangemen to kill.

We formed in full procession and unfurled our flags once more;
We bade adieu to all the friends we left at Tollymore.
With fifes and drums and loaded guns we gaily marched away.
Resolving to defend ourselves going home o'er Dolly's Brae.

With courage strong we marched along thru Castlewellan town,
And when we reached the Boretree Hill, a messenger came down.
He says, "Prepare both front and rear, attend to what I say.
A hot reception you will get before you're o'er the Brae.

As o'er the Brae we did proceed, the road being very bare,
The Ribbonmen advantage took and fired upon our rear;
Like lions stout we wheeled about, with powder and with ball,
The volley we sent into them caused scores of them to fall.

The battle it raged loud and keen along the mountain-side,
To save ourselves, as best we could, our ranks we opened wide;
The volleys from the rebel guns had no effect at all,
For not a man among our ranks fell by a Papish ball.

As fearlessly we charged them, their terror it was great,
Thru rocks and whins, to save their shins, they beat a fast retreat
The Coolagh tykes threw down their pikes and boldly ran away,
And cursed the day they came to fight at fatal Dolly's Brae.

And when we came to Dolly's Brae they were lined on every side
Praying for the Virgin Mary to be their holy guide;
We loosed our guns upon them and we gave them no time to pray,
And the tune we played was "The Protestant Boys" right over Dolly's Brae.

The priest he came, his hands he wrung, saying, "My brave boys, you're dead,
Some holy water I'll prepare, to sprinkle on your heads,"
The Pope of Rome he did disown, his heart was grieveful sore,
And the Orange cry, as we passed by, was "Dolly's Brae no more!"

Come all ye blind-led Papists, wherever that ye roam,
Never bow down to priest or Pope, for them God will disown;
Never bow down to images, for God you must adore,
Come, join our Orange heroes, and cry "Dolly's Brae no more".

The battle being over, the glorious victory won.
We reached our homes that evening by the setting of the sun,
Our wives and sweethearts met us, returning home that day;
With shouts of joy they greeted us safe back o'er Dolly's Brae.

#BattleOfTheBoyne #WilliamPrinceOfOrange #GloriousRevolution #Ireland #protestant #educasional #BritishHistory #religion #politics #ulster #TheTwelfth #TwelfthOfJuly #KingBilly #england #netherlands #KingJames #parliment #warfare #military #david1966dc #BillOfRights

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