Offering my dvd on personal change this week. On my website 49.00, from me 39.00. Use it to erase your fears and negative self talk. Create new beliefs and habits that are permanent and create goals you will actually achieve. Very simple to use most fears can be erased in 1 to 3 minutes. Do it yourself and save hundreds on counseling bills. Call now to get your copy 5032082739 I'll help you get the first fear and belief change when you pick it up.

Thomas Caddy
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Three hot ideas to boost your sales today.
Yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my students in time share sales which are a rough business. She was experiencing frustration with the selling process and closing. I suggested she start matching the body postures of her prospects thru the presentation. She likes to talk fast and I pointed out many of her prospects probably don't do this. I suggested she match their tone and speed of speaking throughout the presentation. I also suggested she get much better at asking questions and letting the customer speak out more about their problems in buying things before and using this knowledge to craft a better presentation. My students using these skills frequently increase their sales 25% to over 300% in 2 to 90 days. Can I help you with increasing your sales? Look over my website and then give me a call. 5032082739

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What happens when you don't do sales training? Some people think that they are so charming they can just give features and benefits of their product or service and everyone will buy. This game plan is great if you're selling under 39.00.
Higher priced items require building rapport first, which is done thru body matching, voice tone and speed matching and using the prospects words. Just this alone can increase sales by 75% quickly. Asking questions is the next most important part of selling, qualifying, and then building their dream of ownership based on the answers to the questions they gave you and you wrote down. Any salesperson who doesn't take the time to gain and keep rapport is already striking out 3/4 of the time. Visit my website to learn more..

Your Feedback: I recently took the Sales Mastery course taught by Thomas Caddy. The course was excellent in that it covered all aspects of sales and how to master the process. Thomas is an excellent teacher and conveyed the ideas and principles of sales in a manner that I had never before experienced. It is truly very helpful to me in the process of changing my techniques when I am working with clients over the phone and also in person. Extremely beneficial in making sales and growing my business.

Reviewer: Virginia

One of my new students, who is a financial advisor at Mass Mutual said this about my program. Thomas, your class has completely changed the way I do business, connect with people, and measure my success. Thomas pulled out fears I didn't even know I had. I have always dreaded the telephone, not anymore. I can hardly put the phone down! I am doing my best to keep up with all my new prospects.

4/14/17 Great workshop with Tom. He has an amazing ability to get to the core of your issues and the voices holding you back. The process of releasing is easy, fun and fast. Felt so much better after having working with Tom and letting go of the voices that were disabling me from moving forward. What a relief to let go and feel confident in moving in the direction that I want to go,. Would highly recommend him for this process and am looking forward to experiencing the sales workshop! Thanks Tom.

Reviewer: Virginia

Realtors want to get more deals in escrow?

I had a phone conversation with one of my new realtors. A young guy who signed up for my training program less than 4 weeks ago. at that meeting I helped him erase some fears in his head and we installed a new income goal of around 225,000.00 this year in income. He told me he has 3 deals already in escrow as a result of those changes.

Talked to 2 of my new clients yesterday. After studying the materials one client has already started increasing his sales and his gen. mgr. started using it and increased appts and business also. The other client a realtor, I helped change his income belief to 225,000.00 per year, and he said he had been trying to reach a client for the last 6 months and suddenly out of the blue they contacted them and are moving forward. He signed up on monday and already things are turning around for him. Want to start chainging your sales call and lets start a conversation. 5032082739

One of my new clients Ernie, a successful realtor had this to say about the workshop he recently went thru with me.
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Your Feedback: Loved the workshop. Wish it was longer. My number of appointments has increased, and I am winning more face to face meetings. Thanks, Thomas.

Reviewer: Ernie

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learn to erase any fear or negative self talk voice in your head forever. The process is easy to learn and takes about 2 minutes and uses no hypnosis. Bring a friend and do it together. Registraion is 30.00 in advance or 45.00 for walk ins. Call Thomas 5032082739 to reserve your spot.
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