Just donated, looking forward to having more warband storage :D

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Any chance in the future we could get some options to select a color for the positions so that it can be printed out. For example here, the apprentice and wizard have gray boxes, while all the soldiers have none. On the printout I usually take a highlighter to them to differentiate, but would love to be able to select it to print out. not a high priority, but just wondering if it would be possible.


If I get you a copy of Maze of Malkor, will you have time to integrate it into the Warband manager?

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Can I get another warband slot ? My daughter and I play together and I need to keep track of hers and mine.

Hi, could i please get another warband slot.

Hi Ashley! Loving this manager. Some friends and I just started getting into Frostgrave and this has been a major help in not only keeping track, but making sure we are doing things correctly.
I've recently started keeping up 3 warbands and was wanting to know if you could add a couple tabs to mine?

Regardless, thank you for all the work you've put into creating this.

I just donated but my paypal email does not match my google email and I would like to get my status updated. thank you for your time.


Great tool, I always use it for my Frostgrave warband
We are a group of players that have just started a "league" of sorts where we play each other in multiple scenarios. It would be very helpful to have all the warbands accessible in a single account for bookeeping and such.
Would it be possible to remove the restriction of a single warband and have, say, 12 slots available on a single account? We'll be happy to donate for such an account. If you are OK with I'll let you know which email to use.

Bit of a rant

A note on donating to remove the nag messages.

If you wish to donate or support this website then I encourage you to do so and I appreciate every donation but please please please don't donate tiny amounts (1cent NZD, 25cents NZD) in order to simply remove the nag messages.
Here's what happens when someone donates:

- Money is placed in my PayPal account minus a 7.9% (approx ) fee which goes to PayPal. PayPal also have a minimum fee for all transactions, which seems to be about 56cents NZD
- I receive an email informing me of a pending donation
- I look up the email address or name of the donator in the sites database and if found I switch the status of the account.

Why you shouldn't bother with tiny donations

- Most or all of the small donation is swallowed up in fees. Well done, you have just made PayPal a few cents richer.
- Switching off the nag screens is a manual process that I manage. The nag screens will not be automatically removed.

If you don't like the nag screens but are not interested in donating then #SorryNotSorry, deal with it or don't use the site. To be honest, the nag screens are a very small price to pay for access to a tool with no mandatory fees or other cost of entry but please don't try to be clever and get a free lunch, instead, keep the few cents in your pocket and save yourself the time of entering credit card details into a donation form.

How do I add spells?
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