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The Ultimate Pro Wrestling experience is coming to TEW16. A fictional mod starting in the early 1900's has begun. The plan is for about 10 mods to be done in this universe up to a current day mod.

Changes of eras. Changes in power. Changes in technology. It's the Ultimate Pro Wrestling experience.

Does anyone have the C-verse 77 Mod pictures?

Just started a Road to Glory 2016 game and need help. I'm down $13,000 about 5 months in. I have 7 months to climb out of it or move to a new company.

I officially bought TEW2016 and not sure what I think of the CVerse so far.

USPW being #1 with 3rd best talent is tough. Don't see how it could even be possible.

TCW not having Tommy Cornell is so strange to me. He is in 21CW? That sucks!

SWF is still SWF.

This game will be awesome and still better than the last one. Just trying to familiarize myself with the CVerse once again. Not sure I like all the changes and I have never been able to say that.

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So I'm playing TEW 2016 and I started a wrestling company in Japan called Pro Wrestling Exodus, which is currently at cult size. Which I'm a year into, my Top Two Stars are Kenny Omega and Kenta. Kenny is the ACE of my company and he won the 2017 wrestler of the year award and is 1 number on the Power 500. Which 22 of my wrestlers on the roster are in the top 25 of Power 500. Each pay per view has an attendance of 20,000 fans, we've had a total of 10 five star matches in 2017, 5 of them featured Kenta and 4 had Kenny Omega in it, one of them was odd it was Sydal and Richochet vs. Jay Briscoe and Hiromu Takahashi. We have a governing body for our championships like NJPW and NOAH, which is UWC or Universal Wrestling Crown. We have five UWC Belts and four tournaments. We also bought out every single wrestling company in Japan except for New Japan. Our main event title is the UWC Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, which Kenny Omega is the current holder and the title was created when Kenta unified UWC Heavyweight Championship with the GHC Heavyweight Championship and AJPW Heavyweight Championship. Our UWC Junior Heavyweight Champion is Jay Lethal and the UWC Television Champion is Kurt Angle, and the tag team champions is Matt Sydal and Ricochet who are three time tag team champions.
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So who is playing TEW 2016?
WHat does everyone think?

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Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus Feud at TLC (Video Inside)

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Hahaha!! Let's see the top 19 low blows that will ruin your day (Video Inside)

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