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Founded 4/21/2017
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Tony Stark Protection Squad!!
Welcome to the Community! Here is a basic understanding of the categories:

Tony Talk: basic discussion of the Iron Man movies.

Avengers Corner: basic discussion of the Avengers movies and of Tony's involvement in said movies.

Art/Images: pictures and fanart that are not belonging to you. Please give credit to those it is due. If they use G+, tag them to let them know that you gave credit for their art.

Videos/Gifs: fairly self explanatory. Post your videos here. When posting gifs, if the gif has a source, please give credit!

Fanfiction Recommendations: drop the links to your favorite Tony Stark Fanfictions! You can even advertise your own Tony fanfics!

Your Stark Art: drop your fanart here!

Mod Talk: This is where the Moderators discuss issues and ideas pertaining to the Community. No one else can post here.

Mod Elections: this is where the candidates and the polls will be posted by the Moderators or Myself.
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Fuck you tony hawk
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