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Alright guys, let's get this thing running again. Anyone who is active at least enough to RP comment here so we can see who all we got.


NAME --- Lily Snow
AGE --- 13
NICKNAME --- Manx, given to her by the werecats.
BIRTHDAY --- October 24th
GENDER --- Female
SPECIES --- Human
PERSONALITY --- fast, quiet, brave, smart, shrewd, loyal, bookish, can be energetic, and likes to remain mysterious much like her childhood companions. She also feels for all manner of creatures, big and small.
BIOGRAPHY --- Not many creatures know much about her, she was orphaned at age 3 and has been on her own ever since. Her parents moved to a small village in alagaësia with a 2 year old child, from a land afar. They died a few days after her 3rd birthday of an unknown disease. The villagers all shied away from adopting an unknown child, and she was met with doors slammed in her face while she was begging to be taken in. She had been on her own for a day and a night, still recovering from the loss of her parents and shocked by all the slammed doors, when suddenly a werecat jumped down from a tree branch right in front of her. She realized she had wandered into the forest and tried to turn and flee when she was surrounded. The werecats spoke in her mind gently telling her not to be afraid and eventually convinced her to stop shaking. The werecats took her in and taught her as much as they could, then, when she was twelve she was taken to a town where there were a few dragon eggs. The werecats were convinced that a dragon would hatch for her, and were not disappointed. The instant her hand touched the third egg in line the egg started shaking and a dragon crawled out. One of the werecats decided to come with her while she learns the skills of being a rider, and is her closest friend. She doesn't know if she has any living family left.
LIKES --- she loves to read, bake, fly on Hljödhroro, swim, explore new places, and she is an amazingly good singer. She loves spice and also has a huge sweet tooth, yet somehow likes to eat plain lemon. She also loves art, especially drawing and writing poems.
DISLIKES --- She dislikes stuck up creatures, and anyone or anything thing that insults her friends better watch out. Avery picky eater, she does not like bananas, and has always been a vegetarian. She also dislikes people who lie a lot, or are very unloyal.
HAIR --- She has black wavy elbow length hair, usually left open, on the rare occasions that she wears it up, it is pulled back in a messy ponytail or braid.
EYES --- She has deep, soft, sad, and kind brown eyes, and when she looks at you you somehow get the feeling that she knows more than you think she does.
SKIN --- Her skin is light brown.
CLOTHES --- She just throws on whatever is on the top of her stack of clothes, she does not have a single skirt or dress, preferring to stick to jeans and a short-sleeved shirt, while on hotter days she will wear shorts. Most of her clothes are ones that will easily blend in and are easy to disappear or hide in. She sews her own clothes and she never uses any hot colors, preferring to stick to the cooler shades of blue, green, and, sometimes, lilac. She also has mottled green, blue, and grey capes that she will throw on sometimes. Not having any sense of fashion, garmsöngr sometimes has to tell her to go back and change because her clothes are so horrifically matched.
WEAPON OF CHOICE --- Bow and arrow alongside a small throwing knife and a bigger fighting knife for close quarters.
STRENGTHS --- amazing with her weapons, it is almost impossible to breach her mind since she has mastered the art of the mind completely living with werecats, and she is good at stealth and survival due to training and growing up with werecats. She is very good at concealing herself.
WEAKNESSES --- if one of her friends are hurt she gets riled up very quickly, she can not stand to see anyone sacrifice themselves if she could have done something about it. She is also not too good at magic, but she is learning. When she is sad or angry, then her defenses sometimes drop, and Hljödhroro is the only living being that can calm her down.


NAME --- Hljödhroro (‘silent arrow’ in the ancient language)
AGE --- A month old
NICKNAME --- roro, she only allows a few people to call her this, anyone else and they will soon wish that they had kept quiet.
BIRTHDAY --- February 13th
GENDER --- Female
PERSONALITY --- A silent stalker, her quiet and mysterious nature hides her nice, friendly, brave and loyal interior. She is more talkative than her rider, yet does not speak just to fill the air with sound, everything she says she says for a reason.
LIKES --- Her rider, and She has soft spot for werecats. She loves all things sweet and, similar to her rider, loves lemon.
DISLIKES --- Unloyal people and liars, much like her rider she also dislikes stuck-up creatures, and is a very picky eater.
EYES --- deep sea blue
SCALE COLOR --- turquoise

~ Werecat ~

NAME - garmsöngr (‘wolf song’ in the ancient language)
GENDER - Female
PERSONALITY - Extremely shrewd, she is very mystical and mysterious. She is really fast and really brave. She is also very loyal, though she will lie a little, she is mostly always truthful.
BIOGRAPHY - She was amongst those who first surrounded LIly, but she will not tell anyone anything about her beyond this, except for Lily. She fought in the war against Galbatorix.
HAIR - Black, and in a boycut, sticking straight up off her head. She keeps it this way because it is easier to maintain.
EYES - Blue-green hazel
SKIN - Light brown
CLOTHES - Mottled grey shirt and pants, a sometimes with a mottled green cloak.
WEAPON OF CHOICE - Her own claws and teeth while in cat form, and two small knives, one a smaller throwing knife and the other a bigger fighting knife, while in human form.
STRENGTHS - amazing at controlling her mind, and a really good fighter. She is also very good at concealing herself.
WEAKNESSES - She can be very violent at times, and is very quick to anger.
MORPH - Black manx with silvery stripes.

Are we allowed to be dragons and were cats and such? or just human riders?

rp anyone? +Firnin Galathynius please


Who all is still here????

Hey guys, +Grisha Callen​ and I started a RP dialogue that 2 of you can pick up. You can add to it as it progresses to get more people involved. I'll pin it to the top of the community, go check it out.

im glad to be a rider than a razzac

+Grisha Callen

"I'm tired of all this stuff we're doing to rebuild these little towns. Not like they had any importance in the first place."
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