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May i capture a dragon?

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Dragon Profile Template (you can add anything else u want)

Age: (human yrs)
Owner: (tag)
Breed: (Riding, Pet, Battle, Wild, Assistant)
Appearance Description/pic:

Owner Profile template (u can add anything else u want)

Age: (human yrs)
Appearance Description/pic:


Comments, Suggestions, Questions, complaints (put misc stuff here)
Rules and Info (must read and do not post)
Your Dragons (put a list of your dragons here and update it all the time
Your Profile (owner's Profile and a owner must be human with maximum one power and not OP)
Your Dragon Profile (choose a breed and read about it, you can also make a dragon up for adoption)
Forest (where the wild dragons roam)
House (ur house)
Water sources (do anything there)
Desert (dragon challenges)
Dragon Capturing RP (RP here to capture ur dragons if ur dragon is being RPed by somebody else)

dragon --> human yrs converter
1 dragon year = 5 human years old
that means
2 dragon years = 10 human years old
5 dragon years means = 25 human years old

In Dragonland, the average human can live up to 90 years old when the dragons can live up to 110 dragon years

Wild Dragons are ruthless strong dragon but its very useful for anything but hard to capture. If you want to capture a wild dragon, ask +Dragon Cat Wolf +Shadow Runewriter +shimmer and shade, +awesome warrior cats    first.

Pet Dragons are small, easy to train dragons and have a weak flame and are not that strong but are very pleasant companions

Riding Dragons are agile and lithe in the air and are easily trained and only to be ridden on. They are very loyal
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