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Welcome to V2 of the Computational Thinking Course!

If you did not have the time to complete the course previously for a certificate, the materials will be available again October 15th through December 20th in the following link

We hope to have as much activity in the community as previously. The Google team will be happy to respond any questions that come along the way!

Happy Learning!

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Hi I am new on this course. When finished reading the tutorial and want to make a project the system says "Only registered students can submit answers." message appears. What should I do to register? Thanks

Hi everyone,
New to this course but just finished one of our PD training on STREAM where computational thinking was taught. I hope to learn more about CT and it's application. It seems to be a great tool, I hope to learn how to use it and inspire students.

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none of the things in here are likely to
ever happen. the real last nonsense verses.
i wasn't trying to predict things is what I am saying.

first it was really
all about saving humanity
until its just about who lost
and the damned fool
who dared to win it
causes a repulse
one worse than any bloody war
to hot to hold back for anyone

the mean lady who got big smarts
inside her lush government facility
amidst microscopes, test tubes and flasks
was monitoring the news and her Google plus updates
while holding a water bottle and an imaginary gun
and contemplating on how useless chemistry and she is
to the crises in the middle east
to the pretty angels crossing the desert

she will go to tech city!
and get a job with the people at the search engine
they are beautiful(!) and they dress nice
here is a big sacrifice. should she JUST DO IT? yup!
so she points her gun first to the TV
at Donald Trump
then at her own head
then she points it here at me

as the saying goes
these days at NASA
'now, take it gently back out of the toilet'
so the president shouts loudly in the UN, giving up both hands,
'it's no longer a buzz word, my children!!
we finally gotta eat shit in this country',
to a bunch of angry faced pupils
who need Clark Kent's number

there universities will call out names
of those who waste their money
in the name of salaries and study leaves and wage
to sack them
and a sweaty professor
who suddenly realizes he wasn't that aware
inside a competitive conference
will step off a platform because the students there got too fast

because now heritage folk joke about
killing off all the rappers;
on how they may have made all the kids odd
they'll start with Kanye West
and work their way to snoop dog
then they'll hang Eminem
on the bridge at the 8 mile crossing
but they will ignore Will Smith, and no one says why

'The Americans!!' will refuse at the EU
to use nuclear energy for fuel
'what fool?!!!'
they'll use the weed instead
to win, and also
save the kids
to also hit two marks too

Dr. Henry Crow of London museum
where he stays and pretends to pretend to love
forgotten pottery, on African hmm hmm
will leave there in a panic,
to build a search engine
with twenty billion websites
all inside one mobile phone
of palm size

and when he fails to, to help God save the queen,
he'll gather his physicist friends
to the forest
to see what the birds do, how deer poop
and talk about cancer research
to an audience of statues
since they couldn't find any real people
anymore, who would care

the man running thru the football field at the eufa finals
was no fan
it's an angry oil business man who lost to waste disposal
he grabs both the football
and Lionel Messi's feet
throws them both smack hard
at Ronaldo's face
screaming like a mad man
'what use are you people!! why you make so much money!!'

The Russian mafia research scientist
locks his own brother
and his own brother's wife and kids
in a pressure chamber at a hidden facility
near Chernobyl where it was
too see if they'll blow up slow or quick
he told the judge he ran out funds
to buy a kitten, for mother Russia!

because the energy companies for fear of losses
will close down the present purposes
of their refineries and
shut down drills
to buy or make and sell new kinds of generators
and automobiles with engines having funny precesses and openings
because they'll see
tech people using fancy methods to sell recycling


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