Hello! I just upgraded hoping that would allow me to be able to auto-collapse a parent task once all sub tasks are marked complete. I realize the parent task gets marked complete/closed and I already had that setting on with the free account. I was really hoping I'd be able to turn on a setting that would COLLAPSE the task all the way to the parent level once all sub tasks were completed. I had been doing it manually with the shortcut before upgrading, but it doesn't seem like that is an option, even with a Pro account. I know the paid account has awesome features, but really, I only upgraded for this one thing. I'll stay on past the trial if it's something Checkvist offers and maybe I'm just not looking in the right place? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I like vi-like "jk" shortcuts. And I like the fact that they work no matter if it's lowercase or capital letters (unlike programming, while you are writing, capital and lowercase letters are a kind of synonymous).

But I would like the other shortcuts as well. For example, I want SHIFT-G to be synonymous as SHIFT-LEFT. It's useful if there is no need to move the hands out of the keyboard.

In the other note, I would like to have regular expressions search and replace, as well. I understand it's tricky from the server perspective, but you could move that on JavaScript level and give a user opportunity to kill or not his or her own computer :)

Suggestion: Like in Workflowy, it would be great if every item would be able to become a heading with the next level of items becoming the top level list items.

Suggestion: It would be good if there would be an option to sort particular list by date. So, if i have an item that should be done tomorrow, it should go after the items which should be done today. With, preferably, headings which indicate when the tasks should be done. (#Today <list> #Tomorrow <list> #January 5th <list>...)

User story: As a keyboard navigator, I want to use the left and right arrow keys to expand/collapse the recently deleted items (RD), so that it‘s consistent with the way I navigate lists in Checkvist and don‘t have to use the mouse.

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Bug report (web): When zoom page set to 80%, editing a task (ee) brings text field with horizontal scroll bar that hides the text you want to edit. See attached to see editing mode of task #4.

Browser: Chrome-beta (Version 63.0.3239.40)

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Is there a way to escape a single character?

For example, I love using Checkvist to rapidly document an information architecture. In my current task, I'm trying to provide example content for a given item that displays percentage rates, and I need to account for number of characters. I'm trying to enter "#.##%", but with Markdown enabled, the rendered item is ".##%" styled as top level heading.

I understand I can format the leading "#" as code using '#'.##%, but I dont' want it formatted as code; I use that exclusively for when I am providing code, so this could be a point of confusion, where a developer thinks I maybe intended to include an ID, when really I just want a "number symbol"

Thanks in advance. Forever and always a Checkvist user.

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Numbering interferes with fontawesome icon CSS

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Due page hyperlinks are incorrect


Bug report: mobile view doesn't move completed tasks down, doesn't show "numbers" style.

- Create list with some todos.
- Set list style to Numbers.
- Enable "Move completed Down"
- Mark a couple of tasks completed.

On the web, I see numbers and the completed things down. Not on mobile.
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