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Howdy, all! Live on youtube at 12 am tonight. See ya!

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Stand up for standing rock! They used some type microwave on them today, BAADDDD men they are.

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Here is the sun, from one of our satellites. If you download the image and then zoom into the edges and look around in the "stream", you will find some VERY HUGE (okay, here it is, ) Space Ships. I ain't lying.

Today, I "Turn" sixty four years young. I honestly thought I would not make it this far in life, I figured a truck or buss would take me out, or maybe fall overboard in the ocean and eaten by sharks.
Well, not so much.

I have had several near death experiences, two of drowning, one of freezing to death and one of fire and extreme heat.

My life experiences are just that, an experience. What one does with that information is what makes the difference in life, so more will come.
This part with a blog, community is very new to me. I have spent the last 10 years in the swamps of South Georgia and northern Florida.
They call me the Hippie SwampBilly.

Hello everyone!
This a new community and also I am new to this community stuff so the postings and etc. may not have a clear meaning at first, but this is my main intention. Please follow along and I will try to explain.
I have found out after many years that I have Cherokee blood from at least two grandmothers and a great grandmother. That side of the family is a little sketchy.
Anyways, I have for the last 35 yrs of my 64 yrs, today, following what some would call the "red Road", meaning following traditions of Native Americans.
I have found that the REAL indians don't like us Wannabee's at all, some think we are trying to steal their culture.
Here is the deal. There are so many of us now who have legitimate Native bloods in them, but we do not belong, really, in the white mans world. I never did and still don't.
We were robbed of a very important part of OUR heritage, we never heard the stories from our Grandmothers, because many were told to shut up or get smacked.
So, my intention of this community is to invite folks who do have Native blood, and wish to know more. I do NOT have all the answers, but I have been led to this place in time now by the Spirit of MY Grandmother, as a way to UNITE all of us, to allow those of us who do not have an affiliate Tribe, to at least feel a Spirit of community.
I wish anyone with good information to please share. And for any Natives who wish to share their heritage WITH us, please do. This is a time for all healing to come together.
Grandmother warns, it is very close and we should all join hands together in friendship, brotherhood, both in the Spirit and of the body.
I hope you will share, this is not a place for name calling of ANY kind, and I will not allow it.
This community is for ALL who share the heart beat of Mother Earth. Peace.
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