I have been confused and concerned about this too.   

I was able to join the class this morning.  

Looking forward to this group becoming active and the capstone course to get underway.

Help! Capstone was available, but now dissapeared! Any one else noticed this? I finishend all three modules and like to end It with the project. What to do?

See you all soon in the Capstone course!  

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Urban Grind TV interview at 2014 Global GMixx Summit with Mike Repel of Repel Music Distribution regarding The Music industry Self Help Guide


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Been kind of quiet here.  I suppose I should take some responsibility.  Like many/most of you I am really looking forward to Oct 13 for the Capstone project.  

I decided to post a link to a piece I just finished.  I am not sure what 'common' genre it might fit into but I call it Ambient.  It is very long, very slow and very mellow.  Sit back, close your eyes...

if you care to, when your done listening, I'd love to hear some feedback.  (although its too late to change anything I already finalized the release)


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I will be engaging in a radio interview about the Guide this Thursday April 24th 2014 @ 11:30 AM Manchester University 89.5 FM WBKE with Michael Paytner in North Manchester Indiana. Non-Hoosiers can stream the interview at http://wbke.manchester.edu/

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Very interesting...but I wonder if this virtuoso band could play along in a jam session.  In my opinion, playing along is as much or more about being able to hear and communicate musically with the other performers.  

On the other hand, I think it is probably possible to build in 'ears' for these robots - they could be programmed 'hear' pitch and tempo just like my DAW does...maybe that will be the next step.

Is Lesson 3  available ?

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Thanks for sharing this Mike!  I'm going to share this with the Modern Musician community!
This (hopefully) is not shameless self-promotion. Although I'm using my profile as the pointer to the site.

I stumbled across www.Stage32.com not long ago and have found it to be both interesting and effective at networking. The community includes (among a lot of things) songwriters as well as people who would be interested in using songs.

Just as importantly, there are many resources and the people are exactly what you would expect: Positive, welcoming and supportive.

So I hope to see you there and to network with you.
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