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Checking in for the first time in a while. Since the end of last year, I've gone from 211lbs to 204lbs and 20% body fat to 15% according to caliper measurements. Lost an inch off my waist as well, whoo! Can now "skin the cat", which looks absurd but is an awesome shoulder exercise. I'm working on muscle-ups now. :-)

Skin the Cat.MOV

Dinner tonight: baked chicken fingers, sauteed spinach, and cheesy rice, with leftover chicken fingers and rice for tomorrow's lunch.

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So here is my day one checkin:

Morning: three eggs with spinach and a small spoonful of picante to make the eggs go down a little better. Refrained from salting the eggs, these are farm fresh-ish and don't totally taste like cardboard. Still sick so that was all I could stomach.

Did 5 10-second pushups but had to stop in the middle and catch my breath. Then some dynamic resistance Yoga and got my pulse to 130 for about a minute which is what I wanted. Cup of coffee, overdose Vitamin C (don't kill me +Jae Won Joh, I am aware of the placebo effect :).

Lunch I had just a sandwich on Crisp Bread ( and some water. I don't have grapefruit juice, will have to buy some this week.

Walked 1.4 miles at a good pace and went back to coding. Dinner will be frivolously obscene, but I'll dial down for the rest of the week. Tomorrow it's weights day...

Remembered breakfast this morning.  Granola and yogurt and a cup of coffee.

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Today is house cleaning day. I had some roasted peppers left over from yesterday and made a ham and pepper dish with spinach and green beans on the side. All hail the mighty liquid smoke, makes even canned green beans taste somewhat acceptable.

Posted my high carb treat for the week to Cucumbertown ( and am looking forward to devouring that on Saturday.

I've been drinking protein shakes for breakfast for the past few days, which is a vast improvement over the usual drink black coffee until I'm jittery and then succumb to whatever pastry is laying around at the office.  No weigh-ins because the battery on my scale went dead and I haven't had time to replace it yet. :)

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I can't believe some of the money making schemes they come up with :)

No blog post for me today - I have eight chapters to read and two papers to write before Sunday.  I have a couple of recipes to put on the blog when I finish my school work, though.  (If that ever happens.)

Well, I did it again.  I ran right out of the house without eating breakfast - didn't even think about it until I was halfway to the interstate from my house.  I've got to stop doing that.

I've decided to make Monday, Wednesday, and Friday my gym days, Mon, Tue, Thur, and Sat my walking days (that's five days, if I want to hit 80,000 steps over a week that means 16,000 steps a day or 7.85 miles. Should be doable with a mile before breakfast, two after lunch, and two and a half after dinner, given that I walk a lot during the day. All I need now is a non-boring route or some really good podcasts (yes, I am asking :)

I'll do yoga every morning and slow endurance body work Tue, Thur, and Sun (10-second pushups, etc.). All in all, discounting walking which I will do while listening to things I would read/listen to anyways, that shouldn't be more than 60 minutes a day or 4 percent of the week.

Thinking about supplements. Somewhat not a fan of them, whatever they contain I can eat healthily. I know that multivitamins are somewhat a losing proposition, but what about magnesium before bed? Or the suggested Polycosanol in the evening and Resveratrol in the morning? Anyone have experience with those?
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