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Episode 157

Here's episode 157, and let's all give +Eric Finkenbiner  a huge round of applause for how quickly it's out. Nice work dude!

AotA 157: Blame the Selfie
AotA 157:  Blame the Selfie

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Maybe happening?
GAME KNOWS GAME {Click On The Photo Below}
The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV console has shown up on Amazon! No price is listed, but there are all sorts of images of the the SHIELD console that we’ve been talking about for months.
It appears that there will be two versions available at launch as Amazon has a SHIELD and SHIELD Pro listing shown. No pricing is up yet, but it appears that the SHIELD 16GB Android TV will be the lowest priced offering and then there will be the
SHIELD Pro 500GB Android TV will be the premium ..!
sku with a large 500GB storage drive
included.along with the SHIELD controller and HDMI cable.

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Ooh. 4 gigs of ram and a big ass battery.
Lenovo's new monster phone features 4GB of RAM and a 4,000mAh battery

Hey folks -- No show tonight but we'll catch you next week!

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Ep 154
Fresh AotA!

Here's the latest and greatest for Attack of the Androids, episode 154. It's a good one, so sit back and enjoy!

AotA 154: A Red-Straw-Herring
AotA 154:  A Red-Straw-Herring

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Ep 153
Here's a new AotA for you!

That's right, it's the show notes and podcast audio for episode 153 of Attack of the Androids.

#Android   #podcast   #HOA

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This is the best.
Hilarious! So, Ars Technica ran a story about YouTube Live, a supposed new streaming platform focused on game streaming, and they reached out to +YouTube for comment. A YouTube representative replied with this GIF below.

When asked about the report, a YouTube representative declined to comment to Ars and instead sent us an animated GIF of a little girl shrugging her shoulders.

+Ars Technica article: 

h/t +Kirill Grouchnikov +Braden Nida 
Animated Photo
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