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Name: Rose yuuki
Age: 11-12-13
Gender: female
fairy race: Cait Sith
Username: lostRose
weapon: dark rose rapier, light rose Rapier, dark rose dagger, light rose dagger
Skills: 2x damage in switch with party member, recovering hp when would friends and family and guild members
weakness: lost hp alone, lost recovering alone, weaker attack damage alone, quick but slower when running around,
sword Skills: dark rose bloom(weapon combo hit 13) , dark rose dash(1 weapon one hit with a dash), dark rage, dark mother rose (18 hit weapon combo), light bloom (healing effect), light bloom rose (all around healing effect), light dark switch (doable hit weapon combo), light bloom (single healing overtime on teams meet)
Inventory Capacity: starting gear and weapon
Bio: unknown daughter of Asuna she was young when she started to play SAO she had no mom or dad so Asuna take her in as her own daughter so that she had someone to look up to she lived alone in her house before she was a shy girl and the only reason she had what she had is because she get all her money from her die mom and dad her mom and dad had a unknown killer that killed her mom and dad she had a older sister the help take care of her but her older sister was always working and ever had time to help her much so after a few years her sister had moved away leaving her alone by now she know what she had to do to help herself she was walking alone the dark night working pass the sister/mom Asuna had taken her in as her own little sister/daughter so that she kind help her get stronger in.
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