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Please read the rules and join to bring this community back to life! :3 have fun!

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Bluestar, it's not my art.

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This is my community, it's still small and I would like if some people would join it.

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Cat profile update
Name Nightwing

Gender She

Age 20 moons

Clan BlossomClan

Appearance Black with the front right paw white and blue eyes

Personality Loyal, friendly, aggressive sometimes, will protect her friends forever

Mate open

kits none

Family Unknown

Alright, there are four of us in charge, including me,and i have barley seen any activity, like gatherings, and just doing anything, so i think we need to talk about how to get this community alive again. Like should we get the gatherings going again or what? 
+Nightwing The Dark Girl (Depressed) 
+Lilly Wolf 
+Whisper Song 

Iceheart was stalking trough the forest, slowly getting near Hillclan territory. She wanted to meet Smokewhisker and apologise to him for leaving without saying a word. She suddenly stopped, opening her mouth to smell the surrounding, trying to find any fresh scent. When she couldn't find anything she walked over to one of the bushes on the border between the two clans and sat down, patiently waiting and hoping she could meet him.

((Closed to +Kitsune of ashI hope this can work :3))

+Kitsune of ash
So I was thinking if you don't want to do a rp when Iceheart finds out that Smokewhisker became deputy. I think it could be quite interesting :3
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