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Become part of Tappy Cruiser!

follow the instructions in the link below to get early preview/beta releases:

known bugs:
- lag when game over (because of screenshot)
- some phones cant share the screenshot
- water does not alway blend correct when entering a new zone

- fix bugs
- optimize 
- add facebook support
- add multiplayer support
- add a lot more levels per zone
- add more zone's
- add more cars
- smooth scroll shop

please notify us if you find a bug.

Hey guys, the first release build is in the playstore!:)

I just came up with a fun idea.
The first one to beat my highscore gets to help and choose the next car i will make.

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Hey guys, Sinds i played the game a lot because of testing i am not really sure if the game is hard, easy or good to go.
Please let me know what you think
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Hey guys, how is the game running performance wise?
Do you experience lags or is it running fine?

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My colleague is also developing a game.
Do you like testing/early releases and want to help out developing another game? Be sure to check out hoppy planet:)
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