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Hello, my name is Jade, I have no powers but I am fabulous and amazing. I am also probably stinger than you even though I can only do one and a half push-ups. (Don't question why but I have beaten a body builder in an arm wrestle and I don't even look that strong.) btw I'm 14´╗┐
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Name: Nova Jackson
Powers: I don't have any so don't rub it in. I'm just way awesomer than normal people
Age: 14
Likes/Dislikes: You'll figure it out
Bio: No.
Usually pretty happy, so yeah.­čśü´╗┐

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Name: Neko Rockbell
Powers: I can turn my body into different shapes and, or material
Species:  Meta-Human
Gender: girl
Other: I am cursed eye, it makes me see everything about a person. I also was an experiment as a punishment for trying to escape they took away most of my emotions and my memories of my past. Then they made my hair white and made my eyes bright blue. Some how they also suppressed most of my powers.
"People that go throught hell will get to Heaven." ´╗┐
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