hey :)

we should all be the luv of jesus
we should be the heart of god
when putting us together we make one part
of a whole in each and everyone of us
he will wash our sins away with a snap of his fingures
we are gods word and he is ours
we should all be believers in the one true god of all of our hours

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this is a true christion poem or saying whatever u want to call it its wonderful to read over and over again

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we should all pray for the poor we should pray anywhere we go but make shore in each prayer u pray about someone but urself when you pray all the time about urself and ask god to plzz let my parents get me this or tht or say plzz let me pass my end of grade tests tommorow because i forgot to study............its just useing god for his power and he will not do ur wish as u want it he will see how u get tht new and improved iphone5 or he will watch how u do ur test....god is always testing wat u do and how u do it....god is the only king to believe them.
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