I've started and restarted (but never finishing) learning Haskell using courses and ebooks and it's never sticking with me due to losing interest.

This time, I've decided to commit to it properly by creating a project with it.

So, I want to create a database migration tool.

Milestone 1: The app will be able to execute SQL files from a migrations directory. (For migrations that can be done in plain SQL.)

Milestone 2: The app will be able to support migration files written in Haskell for more complex migrations that cannot be done in SQL alone. The idea is to be able to do data transformations using Haskell (e.g. like querying existing data, transforming the data structure, and then writing it back, etc.)

Any advice to help me get started? Library suggestions? Gotchas to avoid?
Does milestone 2 (migrations written in Haskell) make sense given that Haskell compiles into a binary instead of interpreting scripts like Python?

My best languages are Python and NodeJS if that helps putting things into perspective.

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“For building server-side software, Haskell might be the closest thing to a secret weapon you’ll find today.”
— Carl Baatz

Hi i am a newbie and learning haskell by doing a small project. But since i have coded before in java, c and c++ it feels very different and i am stuck every other point.

I have a tuple with three values and i want to remove the tuple which contains a particular name.

So d = (name, month, date)
i take a user input of name and then search the list which has tuples of the above declared type. Which ever tuple has the name it should be deleted from the list.

d is the tuple.
db should be a list of tuples.

remove :: (Eq) => IO String -> d
print "Enter the name to be removed”
a <- getLine
remove x [] = []
print “Record not found”
remove x db =
if x ==

how can i do this.


I've been coding in Haskell for 4 or 5 years, but never for anything serious. I intend to change that, and as such I have decided to make a small application.

The thing is, I have no idea how to structure one, and it seems that resources for application development in Haskell are scarce.

I know how to use Stack and Glade, but going from that and to making an actual application seems pretty daunting.

So far, I have only found articles / tutorials focusing on specifics, like making a GUI, how to make unit tests.

Are there any good tutorials that go through creating an entire application from scratch?

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Anybody want to work on Haskell bindings to TensorFlow? Types can certainly increase robustness of ML programs.
Open Source Release of TensorFlow

I'm very excited to announce the open source release of the TensorFlow machine learning library that I and many others at Google have been building.

This blog post gives an overview:

The web site has a number of tutorials and documentation about the system:

The source is on GitHub:

You might also be interested in the whitepaper we've prepared that describes TensorFlow in more detail:

We'd love to hear what people think.

I'm doing a small Haskell course for my colleagues, and I'm open to suggestions on small Haskell programs that could be written in an hour. If they showcase popular community libraries that would be even better.

It's not necessary to provide an example, I'm fine with ideas and libraries I can use alongside.

What I've written with them currently is a word counter for a text file, and the next example will be a client server chat program using channels/pipes-network/async

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I'm curious here, what option looks or feels best? I'm thinking one for readability. 2 for quick hack up. 3 for somewhere in the middle (clean hack)?

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Option 3 (Left)

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Playing around with recurrent neural networks. I learned more than my networks did!

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Implementing a Haskell from the 1st principles -- a highly educational and substantial document.

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The new design to the Haskell website looks very beautiful and modern. 
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