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The Arduino Tutorials community has moved over to Discord.
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Hi makers,

Today we want to show you a new project. A stylish night light that will decorate your desks. We called it "LIGHTHOUSE UNDER THE SEA". Whether you use it yourself or gift your loved ones. We assembled the epoxy resin and the arduino. you can also control your lamp with your phone. Apk added below links.
The lamp is quite simple as electronically. With several materials you'll be able to do it easily. In this project we used the PWM outputs of the Arduino Nano. With these outputs you will be able to control the brightness of your light.
And no more words. Ladies and Gentlemen Please Welcome “LIGHTHOUSE UNDER THE SEA”

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What's more IoT than a blinking hat? Wait - what?

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G+ is shutting down, come join us on facebook :

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So the decision has been made.
The new Arduino Tutorials community will be moving over to Discord.

Over 20 people have joined the Arduino Tutorials server to date.
Please come and join us. Share your knowledge, share your tutorials, or just come along for the ride.

Discord is very well set up for community conversations, and sharing of content.
Hope to see you soon.

+Arduino Basics

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We're sharing blogs in each n every community for learning purpose. You can share our articles for learning the purpose if you think they are good for Arduino newbies.

Today we're posting 5 Unbelievable Arduino Projects For Experts.

Explore Now: #arduino #arduinoprojects #bestarduinoprojects
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