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Title of Roleplay: Concept of Luck/Synchronisity of Events.
OC interacting with:
Time and Date: 3:12 pm, July 13, 20XX

"Maybe you have been pushing yourself a bit too hard Ronan, I know it's a bit difficult with your current situation but you gotta learn how to control your magic on your own. I can't risk getting involved i this brother. I just want a normal life, you're old now yes? The only thing I could do for you is simply give advice. We'll talk some other time okay?"

The phone call ended as Ray threw his cellphone on the ground out of anger. It took him a few minutes before he calmed down and began to collect his thoughts. If he can't control his magic he surely won't belong in the normal world. Night was approaching fast and no doubt his power would go up to it's full potential. Aya wasn't present in the room so he could think a bit clearly.

"Damn it!! This isn't going well for me.. With an unknown power such as this.. I have to get rid of it or at least control it.. I can't afford another posession.. Five weeks left until the blood moon arrives and consume me mentally.. That.. this... Urgh!!" Ray just sat down and stared at the waterfall in front of him. He would frequently visit the place just to have some peace of mind. Instead he got more stress..

"The more problems I solve another one appears! This is such a pain in the ass.. What now?" He mumbled to himself, he wasn't gonna bother speaking to the power that is about to awaken within him tonight. Ray wasn't expecting anyone to go to the Waterfall of Silence today, why would they go there?

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Well..I have a feeling the community is dead so anyone wanna start writing abbiteres obituary?

Corrin finally decided to attend classes, and found they were a lot more enjoyable than expected. They didn't teach just normal stuff, more than 80% of the thugs taught on his first day were strange indeed. And now that he was starting to make friends here, meeting new people was a more comfortable experience. He had something to talk about.
The teacher had given them some off time to work on anything, or socialize. He looked around for someone in his class to talk too.

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This doesn't seem right

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Title: Abbitere is not just an academy
Characters: Ruina, Mr Smith?

The lights are out. The two moons dimly illuminate the streets where the only life which appears to be moving, is the beating wings of the bats out on their nightly hunt of bugs and insects. However a more dramatic performance was about to bring traffic on this stage, where the main character changes depending on the scene at hand. Each actor plays without a script, and the final lines have yet to be written...

"Who are you?"

"Why would you need to know my name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

"Shut up detective and give the evidence as promised."

"Oh your so boring.... Here..."

Two figures conversed for what appeared to be a trade, a male figure who came across as high in power and held quite a lot of wealth sat perched on the public bench which was slowly braking due to age and mistreatment. Standing in front of him was a cocky detective, she seemed not to take the situation seriously, and played around as if it was some sort of game.

She pushed her white robin hood inspired hat upwards with her two fingers, removing the shadow which ran across her face. A complacent grin smugly appeared the female's face as she shuffled in her pockets only to reveal a small maneki-neko which didn't move it's paw in the beckoning manner the Japanese cat was famous for. It was pared with a small skull of a rat. The blond haired detective placed the 'evidence' in the man's hand and crooked her head sideways.

"Ruina, what is this? Do you understand how powerful I am? I could snap my fingers and you would be dead within seconds!" The man hissed as he thumped his hand against the arm on the bench, his eyes threw daggers in Ruina's direction, in reaction to this she started to giggle.

The giggles evolved into a series of loud beats of laughter as she held her stomach, bending over in laughter Ruina removed a tear from her eye.

"Oh your so funny Mr Smith... That is the evidence and I have all ready figured out what the school here is standing for from these two things! Isn't it obvious? This school is pared with another Japanese organisation, the skull of the rat is too small to be natural which I found within the science department of the school which shows the science team can all ready manipulate genes and genetics. A waving cat that is on a stand still?...." Ruina's face turned deadly serious as she reached into her pocket and brought out a wine glass all ready filled with wine out of no where and started to swish the glass around.

"That is a demon. Notice the colour.... " She snatched the maneki-neko from the man's hand and pointed towards the little figure.

"Wait I swear it was blue a second ago....." The man spluttered.

"Now it's black. Which means to ward of evil spirits. Look this school.... This school is clearly up to something. It has advanced in demonolgy much faster and discovered more than it projecting to the media, as for it's experimentation.... It's only a matter of time before it moves onto students..."

"All of that from a figure and a skull...." The man nodded and gave her what appeared to jar containing blood. Ruina took the jar and slid it into her pocket. With that she spilt her wine onto the floor and covered the spillage with her foot.

"Sir if I were you, and i'm saying this on part of the black ink. Kill all the non human students who have a slightly tinted purple sclera.... If they have this trait, it proves the school has been experimenting on them.... Good luck Mr Smith."

As the man was left alone, he clutched the items in his hand.

"My brother Silver was right. This world is truly messed up."

Ruina walked and shouted one more quote from Shakespeare. She shouted it loud enough for the entire school to hear.

"Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more: it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing." "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more: it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing."
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. I ran into some problems most of them being in the real life which I needed to sort out. However I'm back and I'm planning on bring out two events. One follows the footsteps of an organisation called 'black ink' led by a detective called Ruina. The 2nd series follows a freedom speaker and a man trying to get people to speak their views and bind together which is my vampire character Silver.

Mor einfomation shall be released tommorrow.

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"Finally, summer break." Fiori said happily. She sat in the warm sand, While other girls wore bikini's to show off their bodies Fiori just wore a tank top with shorts. She looked over at Lucille who sat next to her on his phone and sighed a bit. "It's a nice day, get off your phone and enjoy the sun." He shrugged a bit and turned his phone off. She smiled and scooted behind him starting to put his hair in a loose ponytail. "I was really hoping i would get to see you in a swimsuit, oh well." As she was about to speak she heard a males screaming. She looked up and saw Kamito running from Aliki. The black haired girl pinned him down and punched him hard in the back. She was wearing a hoodie. "Give it back you creep!" He giggled and set a swimsuit top on the ground. "I wish you would wear a normal bikini top, not this lame tank top." She huffed and got up stomping off Fiori giggled with the silent comment of cute before answering Lucille. "There was a swimsuit place near the entrance of the beach, i can go buy one if you want." His eyes widened a bit and he nodded. Fiori got some money from her purse and headed to the shop. A while later she came back wearing a bikini. "Let's go swimming Lucille!" He looked at her and gulped a bit.
+hanzo Urushihara

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Quotes: Please show more respect to my friends
"I only show mercy to people who deserves it"

First Name: apollyon (demon king translation)
Last Name: Ignis
Allies: Jōkā

Species: demon/human

Sexuality: straight

Age: looks 18 actually 12000
Gender: male

Positive traits of personality: he is very kind and protective he has high social standards he is also very knowledgeable about his surroundings he can control his power when he is happy and calm

Negative personality traits: when he is upset he cannot control his power, he backs out and his split personality comes out and he is not nice, his dark powers are untaimed and very dangerous

* melted shadow: ( his dark side is allowed to leave In a altered murky state which is able to attack by itself but he has control over it)
* altered light: (when he is in an enclosed space the shadows consume all the light in the room)
* shadow split: ( he controls light within the shadows and he can use the darkened light at will

Weapons: he has hidden curved arm blades

Weaknesses: holy weapons and power of light itself

Likes: sleeping, eating, reading, drawing, learning, and hanging out

Dislikes: his friends or loved ones getting hurt

Hobbies: his conclude reading sleeping drawing and bending shadows at will

Favourite subject: sportsmanship

Least fav subject: math class

Friends: none at the moment

Foes: none at the moment

Birthday: March 17 date unknown

Appearance: like picture
Hair colour: like picture
Skin colour: like picture
Eye colour: changes black to white

Clothing choice: like the pic
Anything extra?:

Bio: apollyon is the ligament son of Satan the king of hell his motherwas human he has lived his life as a human not knowing what he was or even knew his father but now his life has changed when a certain someone aka his father shows up to give him a late gift his dad awakens his powers to an extant but he also handed him a form for this school he was reluctant to believe what happend but he is here now and he want to learn to master his powers

Soul Beast: his shadow split puppet


Anything Extra:

Meow or Nya?:

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(( Closed For +Royal Blooded Kylith ))
Corrin sat in the corner of study hall, actually trying to get some work done. That seemed impossible at this school, though. As a precaution he had tried to make himself as inconspicuous as possible. He had put on a baseball cap, hiding his neon-orange hair from every angle but a small sliver in the back. He sat in a darker area of the room, so less people would congregate there. And last but no least, he had a boring book he was pretending to read while he really did homework. Hopefully this would make people uninterested and they would approach him. But of course, he was wrong.

Starting off the day apollyon got lost on the campus he wandered for a few hours looking for someone but he could not find anyone so he walked a little more and found himself at the entrance of the forest he looks around and thinks
apollyon: where is everyone he steps into the forest and looks around for anyone maybe hiding he walks deeper into the forest and ends up by a river and sighs
apollyon: why can't I find anyone looks at the water and sits down
apollyon: hmmmm it is pretty peaceful I guess lays back and listens to the water rush by it takes him a little bit for him to sense that someone was watching him for a while but he ignored the feeling he smiles
apollyon: who ever is there please come out
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