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Hello friends! For those once again unawares me, David, Sam, Gabi, and our ever amazing Dungeon master Steve play tabletop Dungeons and Dragons once a week and have begun streaming it live on the interwebs!

What does that have to do with you? Well it means you now officially have plans for tonight! yey! As i said last week, These sessions are a FREAKING hoot. Steve puts out some of the most amazingly epic show you could imagine and together with our powers combined we can finally share that with you. 

We are shooting for a tentative 7pm PST start but follow the twitter for the exact time, there may be some silent preshow before hand! The show will most likely be live on all our respective channels and i’ll be manning the chats on all of them as best as I can.

SHOW up, TELL your friends, HAVE a blasty!

That being said, For the SUPER FANS that want to keep up on the lore I’ll post the summary of what happened during last week’s adventure below, written by Steve.

For Previous historys check the old post here:

and for last weeks video check the highlight here:

~~~~Session FOUR!~~~~


Last time…

Our adventurers bravely continued to search Widower’s Watch, despite the ominous sense of dread pervading the very air they breathed.  Having dispatched the animated armor, they skulked down a nearby hallway and discovered a storeroom containing four chests.  Three of them opened with ease, revealing miscellaneous items.  The third chest was sealed with a masterful master lock, and would only open with the correct key.  

The storeroom also contained a large tapestry of a young, sad-looking woman.  An inscription on the painting revealed her to be Solea, the woman who bore Lord Zaspar’s heir.  The inscription also revealed that she died in childbirth.  

Determined to find that key, the heroes searched the other end of the manor, but were barred by a heavy, locked door.  No amount of force or skill could overcome the mighty barrier, and the adventurers returned to the main chamber to think.  

Upon hearing the discordant twang of a breaking piano string (on the piano Cavis upended), Lannolin searched the twisted wreckage.  She found that one of the piano keys was, in fact, a hidden key!  She sprinted to the treasure room, determined to claim the contents of the locked chest for herself… In the name of Rilifane, of course… 

The chest contained two potions of healing and no small amount of gold.  Content with her findings, Lannolin returned to the main chamber to show off her findings.  Kida, however, noticed that the chest had a false bottom, and carefully lifted up the hidden panel.  She discovered a bloody set of manacles with a key attached to their chains… 

The key unlocked the heavy door that had barred their progress earlier, and revealed a sinister chamber containing a coffin and a tapestry of Cadmus Zaspar himself.  

The coffin had an alphabetical lock: five tumblers with five letters each would have to be puzzled out.  Lannolin, with her wide lexicon, solved the lock in a matter of seconds, spelling out the word: CHAIN.  The coffin swung open and the adventurers peered down a set of stairs that led deep underneath the manor.  

Having realized that there was yet one more unexplored room, the heroes double-backed and found a room with a wall-sized mirror covering one wall.  Salgexicon could see that something was not quite right with this mirror, and indeed, a Shadow had been using it to charm the servants of Zaspar.  Battle was joined against the ethereal foe, as well as the two crawling claws that assisted it.  Cavis bit, Salgexicon shocked, and Kida panther’d, and eventually overcame the creatures.  

Not wanting to waste more time, the heroes returned to the coffin and descended the stairs….

There they found Cadmus Zaspar himself, as well as a summoning circle containing a large, humanoid creature surrounded by dark energy.  Zaspar declared that the heroes were too late: his son had reached maturity.  


Cadmus delighted in tearing around the room in pursuit of Salgexicon while guards and a blink dog kept the others busy.  Although his grasping chains hindered them and his magic missiles stung their flesh, Cadmus eventually met his demise… which of course let loose his berserker-raging son!!  

The beast rent Lannolin’s armor asunder and she crumpled to the ground, unconscious.  However, Kida noticed that a thin tendril of energy was connecting the beast to a small, ugly-looking doll in the middle of the summoning circle.  With one blast of her thunder wave, the link was broken!  

The dark energy flared and dispersed with the sound of a tempest… and in the aftermath, a small naked infant lay crying on the ground.  

The adventurers helped Lannolin compose herself, scooped up the baby, looted Cadmus and his sanctum, and made haste for the temple.  They also, of course, took the Obsidian Mirror.  

Father Thomas nervously welcomed the heroes and bade them rest.  He would watch the child while they regained their strength.  However, he could not care for the child indefinitely.  He bade them seek out the Midwife, who handled all pregnancies in Mistwatch.  Surely she had delivered this child, and she would know what to do.  It was rumored, however, that she had gone mad after delivering Zaspar’s heir, and lived in one of the abandoned buildings on the outskirts of town.  

On their way to the outskirts, Kida changed into a goat to provide milk for the baby and Lannolin got duped into buying an ordinary prism for way too much money.  JUST ANOTHER DAY IN DND!  

They finally located the Midwife, and discovered that she was indeed mad, blathering on in nonsensical murmurs.  When she laid eyes on the child, she motioned towards it, aiming to hold him in her arms.  Lannolin reluctantly alllowed her to do so, and a calm settled on both Midwife and child.  The baby turned it’s eyes towards the heroes and spoke in the voice of an adult male, its first words being that of insult to the adventurers.  

The magic of Zaspar’s cruel experiment had bestowed wisdom beyond years to the child, and it offered to help our heroes.  He recognized the mark of evil upon the faces of the adventurers, and offered them a way to defeat the Spectres once and for all.  They would have to journey in search of three holy relics which, when combined with the help of the Mirror, would form a weapon capable of killing the Spectres.

As a token of good will, the Child offered a magic weapon: a morning star that would allow the paladin to attack with greater accuracy and ferocity.  

The first item to retrieve: The Helm of Wynnor the Insurmountable, currently held by the Templars of Helm - a cult of Halflings located high upon a mountain peak.  



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