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Name: Lavender "Sketch" Lotus
Age: 18
Height: 5'3
Weight: "Does it matter?"
Appearance: She has brown hair, but has a panda beanie, a light purple T shirt, grey shorts, cyan sneakers and has streaks of purple hair dye and violet glasses
Bio: She was enrolled due to transferring places and she is a new student here, and she likes playing the guitar and drawing. She transferred because she has her talents matched here.
personality: creative, quiet, kind to others, enjoys listening to music and playing the guitar, can be hyper sometimes and can't control it, she's calm at times and she's really talkative at times

(Pretent it's 3:30 P.M.)
In art class, "Hey your person, I painted a picture for you," Lizbeth said, as she hands you the painting. "Thank you," you reply. She hands you a painting of the Grand Canyon she made, and it's beautiful.
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They are twins w
Name: Lizbeth
Age: 14
Weight: 121.1 Pounds
Hight: 3"1
Appearance: She has long, blonde hair. She has blue eyes and a deep blue sweater. She has a shirt with midnight purple, red and light blue. She has a grey skirt with light purple stockings. And black shoes and she also has FAKE swords (it's anime w)
Personality: Kind, clumsy, artistic, sometimes lazy w
Theme song: What a Shame -Shinedown
Opposite side: Demonic, eyes are red instead of blue, her swords become real, no talking abilities, she usally turns into this side when she's in danger so she's fine in school.
Fear: She has triphobia (scared of small holes and bumps), the dark.
Class: Room 143
Siblings: Oliver, Meliodas (SDS)
Family: Oliver, Meliodas (SDS)
Bio: She likes pie and cake. She loves to spend time with her twin, Oliver. She rarely gets bullied, but is she does, GET READY FOR SOME ROASTING! (w)
Name: Oliver (Nickname (from Lizbeth): Oli-Boi)
Age: 14
Weight: 121.1
Hight: 3"2
Appearance: He has blonde hair, and blue eyes. He has a grey sweater and a plain blue shirt.
Personality: Kind, artistic, sometimes lazy w
Theme song: Be Somebody (I think) -(I forget ;^;)
Fear: The dark.
Class: Room 143
Siblings: Lizbeth, Meliodas (SDS)
Family: Lizbeth, Meliodas (SDS)
Bio: He usally talks with Liz at lunch and for class projects. He doesn't have a demonic side like Lizbeth though.
P.S. If you're gonna approve this, you're gonna have to read alot xP.
(This took me 15 minutes to write ;w;)

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Name: Ochi (oo-chie)
Age: 14
Weight: 102.3 Pounds
Hight: 4"7
Appearance: She has blonde hair, always put up into a pony tail with a black hairtie and the ends are dyed red. She has turquoise eyes and usally wears a school uniform. She has gray stockings with black shoes (not shown).
Personality: Dandere, sociable, otaku
Theme song: I dun know...!
Fear: People watching her
Class: 113 (if dat is one ;3;)
Family: Her mom and dad.
Bio: She is usally in a good mod with friends. She is a dandere but later may become a tsundere. She likes making friends when she isn't so shy. Sometimes wishes she has siblings (mainly a twin), because she feels no one properly understands her.
~Original art by me~


I'm just wondering if I can officially join as a student?

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Name: " kon'nichiwa I'm Sakiko (hElLo)"
Age:15 about to celebrate her sweet 16
Weight: "does it really matter?"
Appearance:short black hair, black military outfit with yellow drapes on her shoulders, white and yellow skirts, red Flower on her head, red eyes, long boots near her knees, white gloves and katana
Personality:I'm very quiet (InSaNe), nice, calming, caring, (ShE's QuIeT aS a MoUsE), fearful sorta (UgH)
Little about herself: "I love anime...and I have a evil self"
Theme song:pon pon pon
Opposite side: "her name is Sakura..."
Fear:loosing everyone she loves, Sakura
Class:gym, math, lunch, science, art, health
Siblings:china's family in hetalia :P
Bio:in Japan a girl named Sakiko was born on February 3rd. Sakiko found out she had a personality, Sakura. Her brother, Kiku (Aka hetalia japan) always stayed with her until she was 12 and started to stay away from everyone because of Sakura. At 14 she applied to this school and waited for long long long months. At 15, she finally got accepted
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Hello students! A dance will come up soon, come or not I don't really care ^^ just dress with not a really short dress...girls could wear a tuxedo idc what you wear, just not inappropriate

Name: Rosalle

Crush: not fond of anyone-

Traits: lovable cute nice phsyco shy

TS: Weak

Age: 16-17

Species: GEM

(ill make pic later)
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