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If you’re a frequent reader of any social media news sites, then you’ve likely visited All Facebook. I was reading an article this morning about the new ‘story bumping’  and ‘last actor’ changes made to Facebooks’ News Feed algorithm. As Facebook continues to iterate and develop, the News Feed is in constant flux, and it’s all that we as social marketers can do to keep up. In their quest to show you the most pertinent information to your life at all times, Facebook has yet again updated the way their service ranks updates in a users News Feed. 

So, what does this mean to a business?

Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to join this community! I'd like to ask the group what you think about how crisis communications was handled via social media during the Boston Marathon bombings? I thought that Mass General and the Boston PD really put on a master class in emergency communications. What do you think?

Any social media strategy has to take into account how it rolls up into a larger PR strategy. Situations can quickly pick up steam and become a crisis without the proper internal channels in place. How do you integrate social media into your PR strategy?

Share your best content marketing tips, tricks, and stories with the community!

Whether you're trying to engage with thousands at once or an individual, your social media monitoring and engagement tool can make or break your efforts. What are your favorite tools and why? Please share with the community!
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