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I am defeat

I am war

I created defeat and strategy

I win the wars.

The house is full of dead body.

I love war.

I beat them down

I kill them all.

It is War.

War hurts

God cursed us to war, made us strong and took us down. Cut us to pieces and made us again. I am Satan

My defeats are few, his are strong we all when in war, and we are never defeated.

Aerial images show the horrifying scale of the trenches during WWI ...
Daily Mail

Aerial view: the location and timing of this view is unknown but it shows something

Im in the ful of dead bodies.

I feel nothing for them at all.

They smell, they sweat, they come by saying a lot.

They hold nothing but words.

The create a dream of disaster and fight not at all.

They are hostile and infidels. From Disasters. They make no sense and are HIV positive with Monkey pokes and disease. Climbing around thrashing all day in there dwellings.

I hate all. whores and prostitutes male and females. Low-grade semi-humans with no sense. Die, and die again.

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World War I in high-res (26 HQ Photos)
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